Saturday, August 19, 2006

Happy 6th Anniversary Bie

Today is Puan Mama Sarah and yours truly's 6th wedding anniversary.

The first time we met, in 1998

19th of August 2000, we got married

A picture taken on our first ever anniversary. I was a poor student then, and had save money to bring PMS to a really posh (and expensive) Indian Restaurant. To both of us, that was arguably our best and most meaningful anniversary ever...

This is us today, 6 years later. Still going strong and blessed with two children.

To Bie:
May Allah bless our marriage and our family. May the years ahead continues to bring us happiness and prosperity. May our marriage last in bliss. Thank you for sharing your life with me and thank you for all you've done so far. All the things that should have been difficult in my life has become so much easier thanks to you.

My anniversary wish to you is:

Heh heh heh, you have to know Japanese to know what it means Bie.

Okay everyone, we're off to *somewhere* for the whole weekend. We already have a 'lodge on rent and hope everything will be fun. See you guys later! Enjoy the weekend. Take care!!


Dyanna said...

Happy Anniversary to K Nisak and Muhaimin. You guys (especially K Nisak) looked like you haven't aged a bit.

hiyoshi said...

The happiness! The joy! The elation!

A close up shot of mama sarah!

Just teasing :) Happy Anniversary to the both of you. May you both be blessed throughout your whole lives.

By the way, couldn't help but stiffle a laugh, looking at that grin on mynn's face way back in 1998.

mrs fungus said...

Happy Anniversary~!! o^.^o
may happiness be with both of you throughout your journey in life..
6 years and counting! ^^

ajab booboo said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!! :D

Here's to the six years and many, many more to come!

dr in the house said...


I like that 98 photo!! Reminds me of ikelah and myself when we were around that age!

Mynn, you've changed a lot from that chubby boyish face!!

Happy Anniversary to both of you!! May Allah swt provide you both with all the neccessities needed for a blissful wedded life!!

Ikelah said...

kah kah kah... nak ketawa juga tengok gambar nostalgik.... sama-sama mengenang rupa silam yang kurus kering dan kalau ada raid polis untuk narkotik... memang kena semalam lokap dan urine test. hehehe... dari budak sekolah yang kurus dan masa kawin pun kurus memang kelakar. (mine's coming soon dan jaganlah diletak gambar tu... i wont scan the old pics for 'her')

anyway selamat menyambut ulang tahun perkahwinan yang ke enam. semoga bahagia sentiasa dan mendapat zuriat yang soleh dan solehah.

orangkilang said...

Yeah.. selamat aniversary... May your days be blessed always with richness and happiness...

To Nisak and Muhaimin... may you be with each other together happy till the end of time.. amin

kenakelayan said...

Awwwwww romantiknyeeeeee...

:D Congratulations and may Allah shower your family with many more happy moments filled with barakah... amiiin.

*terkenang 1998... I still remember driving to the nikah ceremony and the delish food during the kenduri.. and BTW I still have your bunga telur from that wedding!*

Hope you guys are having/had a great anniversary weekend getaway together!

*kat mane yek?* :D

mynn said...

We're back from our weekend!

(argh, i'm so tired)

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you everyone for the lovely wishes. Reading your wishes (using our mobile) truly made the anniversary a lot more special and meaningful. Thank you :)

haha, pandai ambik hati! However, PMS' family says she has changed at least in "one way" since getting married ................ kan bie???

Laugh all you like dude, 10-15 years from now we'll see who's laughing at a much plumper hiyoshi!

Mrs Fungus
Thank you ... balik malaysia soon kan? Puan Mama Sarah was saying how because Aimi is heading to Indonesia, you guys probably wouldnt be able to see each other - how heart wrenching! oh btw thanks to your recommendation, PMS and I have been watching the Jdrama "boku dake no madonna" - argh we're so addicted to Jdramas nowadays..............

Ajab Booboo
Thank you! :) Ameen to your wish.
I wonder when it's your parents' anniversary.

Dith & Ikelah
*biting lips* sabar jelah reading your comments especially ikelah's. I think what PMS and I should do is bribe Ifos to post up YOUR wedding photos for us to "admire". DITH, come-onnnnnnn we want to your wedding picture!

hehehe, but it's true, i only started to properly eat after getting married. Puan Mama Sarah's parents especially, keep encouraging me to eat. However, my weight has actually remained steady since those years. I hope it's not brain matter substituted with fat tissue ;(

O-K and KKL
thank you to both of you. O-K was actually my best man at the wedding, and I too remember both of you at the wedding (masa tu tak kahwin lagi kan?) If i'm not mistaken you guys got married only one year after us. I still have your wedding photos :)) heh heh heh. I remember you guys visiting us in cardiff right after getting married. It was really fun ....... you guys make a sweet couple.

anne said...

ehehehe.. comelnya couple ni! Happy belated anniversary to both of u.

ayumi said...


Sorry for the late wish but Happy Belated Anniversary!! Love those pics.. haha.. you still have that 'boyish' look of yours, IMHO. Hahaha..

By the way, I KNOW that kanji!!!

ajab booboo said...

My parents were "unionised" on 27th December 2002. :D

mynn said...

Thanks anne, & ayumi
regarding the Kanji,
actually i used the kanji because i didn't want to say anything cheesy(er] than what i've already said up there) to be read by ALL my readers. so putting up something in japanese would limit the number of people who actually knows what it means.

... unfortunately even puan mama sarah probably doesn't know what it means! she thinks it means "happy anniversary"

ajab booboo
that's only 2 days after PMS' birthday - i have to remember to put up a greeting :)

Sherin Almashor said...

so sweettttttttt