Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Journey to Scotland

It was probably the worst kept secret anyway, but over the past Bank Holiday Weekend we travelled over the Scotland. To those of you who are wondering, a "Bank Holiday" is simply a public holiday, normally on Monday. So, a Bank Holiday Weekend would equate to a weekend that extends from Friday to Monday - a solid 3 days off work.

Scotland. The above picture of several monuments in Scotland was actually GIMPed. It's a composite of three different photos of monuments in close proximity on Princes Street. Look closely, and you'd start to notice several errors in the picture e.g. the perspective is all wrong, and look closely underneath the arm of the green statue - the building on the right suddenly disappears. This was actually easily correctable, but I chose not to, as it would cause a small minaret to pop out from the statue at the "wrong place" (i.e his crotch, LOL).

Dude, a burning car! This burning car was holding up traffic and was causing massive traffic jams. Thank goodness however, in the opposite direction.
The journey to Scotland from where we reside takes a whopping 8 hours. If our family were to travel by ourselves, the journey would have been nice but it was made that more excellent thanks to our closest family friend in the UK that is Uncle and Auntie De's company. Uncle De planned his journey so well (including an accidental toilet break, LOL) that we were able to meet up on the motorway along the journey at a Welcome Break.

Welcome Break. Thank goodness for these rest-stops available at regular intervals along the motorways. Here, we were able to buy food, rest, buy stuff, and take much needed (regular!) toilet stops :)

Lunch randesvous with Auntie and Uncle De. As usual, Fish and Chips. There's not much else we could eat that's Halal in this country, really. However, a much needed break for the long travel ahead.

Diversion. The most excellent thing about travelling with Auntie and Uncle De is the fact that they are really adventurous and could think on the spot of fun things to do. Uncle De suggested a detour to the Lake District, which was on the way to Scotland anyway.

Windermere Quay, Lake District. I have always heard of good things about the famous Lake District but I never imagined the place to be like this. When I imagined the lake district in the past I was thinking of rural lakes, surrounded by open fields, caravans, tents and campers. Instead, the place was close to civilisation and modern but not in the least less breathtaking.

Serenity. The Lake District is a place where you could just sit doing nothing, staring at the beautiful scenery God has created. It was extremely peaceful and serene.

Gazing out. Even Sarah stayed still (only for mere seconds) to take in the beautiful scenery.

Ladies only. Puan Mama Sarah spending quality time talking about "women stuff" with Auntie De.

I wish I have one! The Lake District was littered with boats old and new, big and small. That large white boat to Puan Mama Sarah's right is aptly named The Swan. Probably because of a nudge to the way it gracefully glides on water and its white colour, also a nudge to the numerous swans that are residents of the lakes.

Wildlife. The various fauna found in the Lake District.

Crocodile Hunter Sarah. Away from Puan Mama Sarah's watchful eye, (under my more liberate ones), Sarah ventured towards the tempting waters. She's at the age when she really appreciates other living creatures and she wanted so much to feed the swans.

Pier. The Lake District is an excellent place to bring your loved one(s). Utterly romantic.

Roar! The reason why you have to brush your teeth & feet before going to bed, kids. Otherwise this guy will get you!! A rare chance for a family photo.

Love. Pity Amar wasn't in this picture! Uncle and Auntie De cleverly set-up the children for this picture. I just love watching each one's expression: Safiya's cautious, Emyr is happy and Sarah is cheeky as always!
Even though the detour to the Lake District added miles to the already 8 hour journey, it was completely worth it. The place was beautiful and spectacular.

At this point I have to add, Uncle De then decided to go the like-snakes-coiling "scenic route" from the Lake District to Scotland. The lakes and scenes en-route were absolutely breathtaking if only we could stop to take pictures. And if only the little kids were not vomiting all over the car!!!

The trip to Scotland was an absolute blast. Not only did we travel to an excellent place but we were accompanied by Uncle De's family as well. We were also pleasantly shocked seeing Nnydd in Edinburgh! Nnydd being our close friend in Cardiff, and a regular at both Itchiness & Puan Mama Sarah's blog.

It could have been better though: KKL almost came along with us to Scotland (I wish she did) and we almost met up with another Blogger friend & regular - FM.

Happy-go-lucky, intelligent, adventurous, down-to-earth and extremely responsible would be how I would describe Uncle De. Many happy returns, and I hope Auntie De doesn't forget to treat you well today :D

May Allah bless your life and your family, I wish for your happiness and success. Amin.

Happy Birthday!


Uncle De said...

You forgot to mention that its Happy 19th Birthday la

pycnogenol said...

Okay then Uncle De, Happy 19th Birthday!!! Enjoy the last of your teen years. Two years from now, you can start to vote. What about Auntie De? Is she still a minor?


orangkilang said...

Good trip guys! I wish I was there also, but I also had a 'bank holiday' of sorts of my own in KL. I am writing about it slowly and will post it on the blog soon. The trip was made ever the more adventurous when I had to contend with food poisoning and fever...arghh...

Overall, great pics of the family and trip! Need to make more 'bank hols' as it seems to rejuvenate people.

kenakelayan said...

:) I wish I can be in 2 places at one time... then I could've gone to Scotland!!! Or be with OK AND do my research here, more like...

Happy 19th birthday Uncle De!!! You are not that much younger than me, I am 'only' 23... hahahahaha...

mynn said...

Another one aging backwards, just like KKL it seems.

if uncle de is 19, auntie de is 16.

is it just me, or is your family VERY PRONE to food poisoning??? I've heard of every single member of your family having food poisoning ... repeatedly!

would have been fun if you & O-K could join us in our trip. Never mind, next time we're in Malaysia -- chalet, Pulau Kapas/Redang??

Naja said...

Wah the 2 ladies with nice skirts! Hehe comey betul :)

Muhaimin, I had the same thought about Lake district being a deserted, kuno place. But looking at the pics and from your own words, I guess I was wrong. I planned to go there last summer but didn't have the chance :( Nasib la u and Mama Sarah post those beautiful pics. I really enjoy reading both Mama Sarah's and your entries!!

alynnsaripuddin said...

i LOVE lake district. such a beautiful place! wish to go there again someday. lovely photos posted here too.