Monday, August 21, 2006

Wedding Anniversary 2006 : Amar and Sarah

The two people who seemed to enjoy our recent trip more than Puan Mama Sarah and yours truly was Amar and Sarah, despite the typically horrible English weather. The weather was dreadful and fickle; as if it couldn't decide whether to be nice and sunny or miserable and wet. Despite the weather changing ever few minutes, Sarah enjoyed the opportunity to carry an umbrella and to wear her pink raincoat. She would also deviate her steps towards pools of water for a splash, much to our annoyance (and her utter delight).

Amar, Trinity College
As for Amar, he was absolutely marvellous to bring along to journeys such as this. He was his usual quiet self, able to sit in his push chair for hours without even one complaint. Look closely at the picture above and one could notice Amar's bored look but even so, he wouldn't even give a single whimper.

Sarah, King's College


Sarah was her usual free spirited self - running around freely and happily. How could I blame her? Apart from our weekend travels, she only sits home tending to her bugs, rotting her teeth eating sweets or rotting her brains watching TV.

Sarah especially enjoyed punting and was again and again and again asking, "Babah, nak naik boat agi........" [translates to: Babah, I want to ride the boat again........" Maybe once we get back to Malaysia, I'll take her on a boat to Pulau Kapas, god willing.

Hare vs Tortoise, Amar chasing after Sarah


Particularly funny was when Sarah was running towards her mother at the opposite end of the college just beyond the sign that says, "Please stay off the grass"... the way the guards were looking at her looked like their eyes were going to pop out of their sockets!

(but I bet Sarah would prove more than a match for any of the burly guards, with her sharp "kelentong" skills, eh Bie?)

Other pictures I really like from our recent travels are: (I ran out of ideas on what to write!)

Sarah's curiosity


The kinetic Sarah and passive Amar


Whoops I spoke to soon, Amar seemed to have found his legs and was gleefuly running across St John's college hand-in-hand with his (almost 3 year-old) sister. See the big smile?


Mischievous Sarah teaching Amar to be as adventurous as her and venture beyond the normal path


Amar and Sarah holding hands hopefully towards a bright future


What I have been uneloquently trying to say was, our 6th anniversary has been so much fun"ner" and happier thanks to having two more souls to share our adventures with. Together, we share laughter and happiness.

In my humble opinion, the best thing out of sharing 6 years with Puan Mama Sarah are having Amar and Sarah (seeing Amar's toothy grin and Sarah's cheeky twinkly eyes after a day oncall is just priceless) and I am so grateful to Allah for having to get to know these three splendid people in my life.

Here's for Bie, Sarah and Amar.


dr in the house said...

Amar is one rare child, I must say, almost extinct today! He's such an obedient one as I remember how he'd keep to his push chair through every of your previous outings.

Saghah is a typical curious and mischievious child and that's normal.

What's most important is for them to grow into children who respect their parents' wishes and obey them, insyallah!

OK said...

Yoda : There are always two.. one the master the other the apprentice.

Mace : The question is, which one was he?

Pan out showing both Anakin and Palpatine together.....

Fade to black

Roll credits

dr in the house said...


I suppose you see your everyday life through the screen of movies.

So between you and KKL, who's the master and who's the apprentice??

orangkilang said...

Hehehe.. rahsia rumah tangga stays between husband and wife...

Mama Sarah said...

HEY BBY!!! when did you post this??? Did you go back to the hospital to post this entry?

you ni... basilah cerita I!!!

I ni terhegeh2 nak tulis entry. SEmalam takut nak turun. hahaha

kenakelayan said...


Saya suka Yoda. I wish he was Muslim. :D Mana tahu bertapa dekat er, planet Dagobah tu sebenarnya dia solat tasbih and tahajjud banyak2.

Mynn and Puan Mama Sarah
Tak nak ke another extra soul or two supaya Sarah and Amar have more playmates? :D

mynn said...

KKL, OK dah bagi greenlight ke? if so, the pleasure is ALL ours man. Can't wait for the weekend!


nnydd said...

Green light meaning green light saber? I want one too!

nnydd said...

also OK, shouldn't Syeikh* Yoda speaks something like this: Always two they are. The master in one, the apprentice is other?

*Syeikh = Grand Master

Mynn yang oncall said...

sorry for this late reply.

my father kata dia "risau" tengok amar senyap sangat. to be honest, i have my concerns too... he doesn't interact much, he concentrates abit too much on watching TV ...... but at least he's quiet :) and a joy to bring on journeys.

oh no! the john williams soundtrack is playing in my head!

hehehe o-k dengan KKL sapa agaknya master sapa slave eh? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

you punya entry better lah bie, well researched & lagi banyak text utk org baca

TAK NAK extra souls at the moment! what do you think bie?

you want one what? ... one wife? one kid? one yoda?

dith said...

Sheikh Nydd-

Yes, I love they way Sheikh Yoda speaks, so different and yet with deep meaning, hehe

Yoda: Always two they are. In pairs, Allah have created. Eternal life-partner, you must search.

Nydd: My search is still in vain.

Yoda: Your heart, follow, you must. But remember! A 'choosy' stone, no moss he gathers! Aahh..(dgn mata kuyu yang terkebil2)...decide, my friend, you must! For no man, time awaits!

nnydd said...

Nnydd: Oh my Honorable Green Syeikh! I dont quite understand you. Why would anyone, rock, stone and all, want any moss? Tell me oh Syeikh for I am deeply bamboozled; you speak in riddle much like Tok Guru Gandalf the White and Tok Guru Gandalf the Grey.

Mama Sarah said...

OMG, nerdfest!

nnydd said...

Betul PMS, Mynn dgn DITH mmg nerdy sungguh.

Mama Sarah said...

ehh!!! that wasn't me saying nerdfest. someone must have typed it using my details!!!! saper tu agaknya? tak lain tak bukan mynn lah tu!