Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wedding Anniversary 2006: Later that Evening

Our respite for the night after an extremely tiring day was a Travelodge, located around 6 miles from the city centre (a good 10-15 minutes drive away). A room enough for 2 adults and 2 children would cost £48 and the room is fairly spacious and comfortable. The room is en-suite, with a TV, a kettle and something I have to get for our house in the future: a transforming sofa-bed. It's magic I tell you!

What is not magic, is the absence of wi-fi internet access but wired dial-up internet is available. Okay, in this day and age wired internet is bad enough but DIAL UP??? Who uses dial up anymore...?

Oh I forgot, Uncle De does.

The poor kids were quick to fall asleep after an unfortunately humble dinner, but the bed was reasonably comfortable. Overall, we're quite happy with the place and the staff were quite friendly too. They were accommodating when we asked for extra duvets for the little ones.

It didn't take that many counted sheep before yours truly was also carried to the land of Nod...


kenakelayan said...

Kawe pun. Dialup. Di rumah. :D

ayumi said...


I still remember those days when we used dial-up.. and my parents will go bonkers seeing the RMxxx-worth of telephone bill.. Haha.. Plenty of people still use dial-up in Malaysia, especially if there's only one or two avid internet users at home. That doesn't apply to my family...

moby said...

Haha! :D

" ... in this day and age wired internet is bad enough but DIAL UP???"

Errr ... I did up till last month would you believe? I was an ol' skool blogger with a dial-up access and no digicam. Not anymore. 6.5Mbps and a 6mp camera, baby!! Yeah!! :D

I don't think I can ever go back to being a "dial-upper". Even now, our broadband seems slow. Maybe I'm just pushing my luck. Haha!

Your kids looks soooo peaceful sleeping there. Like Ajab .... before he starts tossing and turning and kicking everyone within reach!

mynn said...

to think that you managed to do such pretty blogs (3 in total!) using just dial-up, that's amazing man. you must have the patience of a saint waiting for hours while you upload the pictures:) now 6.5 MPS <--!!!! my connection is only 1MPS. and camera is only 3MPS.

i thought many2222 people use broadband in malaysia. thank god nowadays broadband is a flat fee eh? i remember my parents' sour faces seeing our phone bills too :p

hontou? i was thinking of getting a dialup connection for my flat at the hospital too........ but to save money i opted against it.

Ikelah said...

huh... apasal cerita dialup ni?? puas cari tak jumpa entry pasal dialup.... maybe my ageing eyes.

camera D80 tu hadiah ke mama sarah; reason... kalau dia tak pakai u boleh guna sekali... share. ;)

graphics card tu untuk u... kalau tak main games, mamsarah boleh buat good graphics editing dengan nya... "we care, we share!"

moby said...

Thanks for the compliment, Mynn! :D

The price for my patience in running three blogs in those "dark dial-up ages" is a sky-high phone bill just like Ayumi there. :)

kenakelayan said...

Muahahahaha my dialup is FREE!!!!

Mama Sarah said...

moby not only you managed 3 blogs but one curly giant, and one pregnant lady.

if the wife never complains and the curly giant tak merengek, then you are supercool.