Friday, August 18, 2006


Sarah, we don't think, is not yet at the age where she could make stuff up. She just hasn't developed that much of an imagination yet. For example, if I were to investigate when she says there's a spider behind the door, there normally would indeed be a spider behind the door.

Curiously earlier this evening, Sarah came to me crying after her evening shower, "Babah, could you please get my trousers from the room upstairs. I'm scared because there's a granny**. The granny is doing this ..."*, showing a knocking motion, as you would on a door. Sarah was doing the knocking motions but pointed at her elbow***.

That really spooked Puan Mama Sarah and yours truly out. I started to ask more questions like "where did Sarah see this granny?", "what does the granny look like?" and "what clothes was she wearing?" but Puan Mama Sarah strongly objected to Sarah answering the questions.

*shivers* kinda remind you of "The Others" doesn't it?

* The sentence is translated from Sarah's Malay speech
** Sarah used the word "Nyang" which to her means "granny".
*** in retrospect, probably Sarah meant the Nyang was knocking on her elbow?


mynn said...

when i told someone about my dream of snakes recently, that person casually said, "oh there's actually *something* occasionally *following* you". Apparently the apparition is female, and the person described the *thing* as rupa macam pontia***.

apparently that person could see these things.

((sorry guys, i know mengarut but that HONESTLY was our conversation))

connect the dots yourselves.

i've just finished telling the story to my parents - diorang suruh azan, baca yasin etc2 wherever appropriate.

hmmmmmmm strange eh?

dr in the house said...


Amongst the malays, I ve heard of the 'membela' phenomenon and how these people later have problem getting rid of the spirit (read:jin) that they keep. One of the way is approach another person and offer this person to take over the said spirit.

A young girl has peoblems of having huge dark apparitions 'pressing' and 'pinning her down when she sleeps. On hindsight, she remembers that few years back whilst accompanying her small niece for circumcision, the woman performing it asked her this "Nak cantik tak? Kalau nak. makcik boleh bagi" And when she agreed, the lady did some gestures to her face.


*Your parents are right. Recite the Quran more often. Insyallah, I pray that
Sarah and Amar wont be disturbed anymore by such incidences. Take care!

Ikelah said...

manusia n jin in this world.... yang mana sat ye? hantu tu roh ke? or jin? get the barrier up as rasulullah had done to stop the sihir, to stop frm those who whispers to deviate our belief. insyaAllah selamat semua.

pycnogenol said...

Has the 'Nyang' got anything to do with the drawings in your last entry, Mynn?
Cant help but see the semblance there.

Baca Quran banyak-banyak. InsyaAllah semua selamat.

ayumi said...

Yep yep.. your parents are right.. the best protection has got to come from our Creator.. insha-Allah selamat :)

Anak Alam said...

rating-wise, this is your worst entry. our shower is underground, ni pepagi ni takut lak nk turun bawah mandi... isk... isk...

i thought all these 'things' only live in malaysia. ni lah effect globalisation!

anne said...

errk! i got shivers all over my body before i even finish reading ur entry. I must say i was spooked beyond words when i saw the nenek kebayan in the 'others'.Ni pulak...? eeehhh mintak2 dijauhkan. Kesian Sarah!

Dyanna said...

Seram nya!

mynn said...

apparently babies and little kids could see spirits, so i'm told.

DITH & ikelah
your comment is not too far off dith, but i'll save the full story for another time. however, I am surprised to learn that people could transfer these spirits just by a casual contract such as "nak jadi cantik?"

to be honest, i think these weird happenings DO have to do with problems with getting rid of spirits.

i wanted to put a much scarier picture of the nyang - but i don't want that scary picture to be staring at me whenever i open my blog (especially at 3 in the morning, LOL :p)

ayumi, dith, ikelah & pycno
like you guys said: more quran recitations, yasin & we have to azan the place again, i think.

anak alam
the nurses at my hospital have reported seeing ghosts and stuff - especially on night duty. so i don't think these "things" only live in malaysia:)
in fact, the event also spooked go out sampai tak jadi nak blog to early hours in the morning, like i usually do, last night.

anne & dyanna
ditto, i was spooked like heck when i was watching the "nenek kebayan" in the others too. infact, when sarah first mentioned the "nyang" i immediately thought of that scene!

Anonymous said...

as we know, quranic intervention is the best, however we must also know each verses/surah has their own fadhilat n hence for specific indication (though some ayats r useful for more than one occasion, cf polypharmacy). in this case, surahs that need to be recited more frequent n (done best at specified time):
1.yaasin - after Subuh/Maghrib
2.ayatul Qursi + 3 Qul (or even 4 Quls)-bedtime
(pls do not forget to make appropriate intention-parents kena bacakan n usap kat kepala anak)

Suratul Baqarah is indeed useful if one can continuously 'recite' it for 3days n 3nights (easier to accomplished if you have quranic reciter to recite for u..:-))

Also, parents should make sure kids r inside the house before Maghrib menjelma. n wash kids feet before entering the house.

This 'globalisation' impact come from the fact that, we r sharing the same heavens n paradise (as well as hell) :-)

Bismillahlladhi layadhurru ma'asmihi syai'un fil ardhi wala fissama-i wahuwassami'ul 'alim (3x am, 3x pm)

moga bermanfaat.

hiyoshi said...

Just great. I simply had to read this at night while I'm all alone, didn't I?

*smacks head*

But really, I do pray that nothing bad befalls your family. Do take the necessary steps to keep the unseen at bay.

kenakelayan said...

Er, apparently when I was around Sarah's age I also saw 'things' which spooked my parents big time. Then I think they had someone do ruqya on me, then I was fine alhamdulillah.

We read Surah Baqarah by ourselves and had my laptop for 24 hours on Quran before moving to our current flat.

Another good protection:

A'udhu bikalimatillahit taammaati min syarri ma khalaq --> 3x subuh, 3x maghrib.

Ada dalam Al-ma'thurat.