Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Scotland: The Beach

In my last post I let out that our caravan site was near the beach. Due to my very poor geographical knowledge, I'd never before imagined that Scotland, particularly, Edinburgh would be near the sea. In fact, when I mentioned I would be staying in a caravan by the beach to my work friends; they simply just laughed. "This guy is talking bull!", they must have thought.

In fact, Edinburgh is near the sea and the sea is visible from the hills of the city centre. To be staying so near the sea during our stay was just lucky. Well done organising our accommodation Auntie and Uncle De!

The beach was of the rocky type. During the only time we had to visit it the tide was low revealing different types of seaweeds and barnacle ridden rocks.

The beach was literally just across the road from our caravan site, and it was surprisingly very, very clean.

The person who enjoyed the beach most was unarguably Sarah. Sarah was running towards the small pools of water, admiring small fishes and risking getting herself wet in the pools.



The parents, however, were slightly much less happy. The morning was windy and cold (notice in the pictures we were all wearing jackets and jumpers, except the exothermic Sarah and hyperthermic Uncle De). The waters were freezing and Puan Mama Sarah was getting annoyed that Sarah would get the car dirty with sand and water. Not to mention their set of clothes were limited.


The only picture of yours truly!

I love this picture of Amar, as if gazing towards Sarah but seperated in space and time (this picture was not GIMPed)

Emyr enjoying a run. Notice Puan Mama Sarah getting left far in the distance (she was scared of the worms...)

Uncle De expertly handled both the kids

Pools of freezing water, with small "fishies". Sarah and I ran straight across one of these (despite risking a frown from Puan Mama Sarah)

Don't be fooled readers; although from the pictures the day looked warm, the sea in the UK even during summer is icy freezing cold. I know that from first experience (I thought the water was warm! Instead, think about swimming in ice water, and you'd understand). Despite that, Sarah wanted so much to swim and even went shin-deep into the water.

I never thought our weekend in Scotland would include a day at the beach!


fm said...

alhamdulillah...semua dah selamat tiba...despite kid's travel sickness, just wondering..have u ever try giving them (or anyone prone to) syrup prep antihistamine 2hrs prior journey (might need second dose for journey more than 8hrs)? InsyaAllah as prophylaxis

bukan saja beach, pulau pun Cik Edin(a)burgh ada, cramond island, it is nearby my friend's house that (by His will) if were the caravan was fully booked as well, you 2 families might ended up at their beautiful house. see this link:

the beaches remind me to Pantai (?) Batu Hitam (betulke?) n Teluk Cempedak Ktn.

wrt Edinburgh Mosque, yes, indeed it is beautiful and I am much impressed with its spacious, clean, fully equipped and wangi restroom :-)

takder gambar mosque? or its restroom? :p

Oh yes, aritu offer datang my teratak kecil:i said "no expiry date" for the offer, but would like to rephrase "it expires when I expire" (which is at anytime):-) maaf zahir batin

auntie de said...

mynn, i tak pakai jacket jugak la.. so what would that make me? poikilothermic?

mynn said...

haha, we are all well versed in the sedative natures of cough syrups and piriton on little children. However, this time they didnt need to be sedated.

ps - alamak, tak terfikir pulak nak ambik gambar of the mosque's restroom!

auntie de
you pakai lah jumper! yang hitam tu... (oklah bukan jacket)

pycnogenol said...

Were you guys at the caravan site near Portobello?

fm said...

sorry, what I meant by antihistamine use in travel sickness is actually antihistamine of dual properties (or more), another being antiemetic. e.g meclizine, dimenhydrinate, diphenhydramine n etc. Certainly piriton n others in cough preps are of minimum use in this case. wallahua'lam.

Novomine tab/sy might offer help, InsyaAllah..(according to my very little experience)

anyway..ehemm..mana boleh lawan experience orang dah dua tak? :D ..(InsyaAllah tak lama lagi masuk 3 pula)

mynn said...

our caravans dekat Seton, um

*thinking, what's the name of the place that sounds very much like Lord of the rings*

oh yeah, kat Lothian.

oooh you meant for travel sickness. that's actually a very good idea, have to try it next time we anticipate travelling down "scenic routes" eh Uncle De?

pharmacologist ke you ni FM? either that or someone with oxford encyclopedia detailed knowledge of pharmacology lah.