Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wedding Anniversary 2006 : Gift Ideas

This post is dedicated to everyone out there who's either:
1. Looking for gift ideas to buy for her significant other, or
2. Guys who wish their significant other(/s) would get a clue.
3. Especially to Raggedy Anne

Having already obtained what I (really, really) want for my anniversary, I'm very22222 happy and not one to ask for more or wish for something else. These, however, are good ideas on what I (and I think, most guys) like, you know, for "reference". In order of price:

Shoes, specifically working shoes (Price = around £50).
Characteristics for my ideal shoe is:
1. One that above all, fits comfortably
2. Preferably in black
3. Suitable for working
4. Lace-less (i.e one I could strap on the run ;)
5. Sporty enough for me to run in e.g. running for a cardiac arrest.
6. Examples of styles I like (the red one, if it's black)

A 350 Gb Hard Disk Drive (Price = around £50-80)
Mainly for backup purposes (especially our THOUSANDS of pictures). Also good for installing alternative Operating Systems e.g. Linux.

An Asus 3600 Vento PC case, for a PC case that looks like a Ferrari (Price £90)

A Sound Blaster Xfi Platinum (Price = £100)
It has a 24-bit "crystallizer" which up-samples MP3s in real-time to CD quality. Another nifty thing is this sound card could translate stereo signals into 5.1 surround in real-time even on a pair of regular head-phones. I bet most women didn't understand what I just said (sorry!).

An Oakley Blade Watch, Price = around £300. For a watch, that looks like a shark! (Rather, for a watch that could get you arrested at airports for possessing dangerous sharp objects that could kill or maim).

A 10 Megapixel successor to the current Nikon DSLRs - the D80
(Price = upwards of £500, I think).

Huuu, I want a new camera!

A TVR Tuscan S Price = £Beyond what I could afford

Enzo Ferrari Price =£Wayyyyyyyyy more than I, you, all of us could practically afford, ever!

Also, I present to you bad ideas for Anniversary Gifts:

1. Personalised Balls

2. Personalised 'Wear

Only joking Anne!!! Please don't take it seriously. Of course personalised 'wear is a sweet & thoughtful gift! To Puan Mama Sarah - this post is meant as a joke Bie, seriously. Don't go out of your way pulak to buy me this things (except the Ferrari). Seriously!!!


Dyanna said...

Hadoi..! Men and their toys... tak paham..

Dyanna said...

or sepatutnya, Boys and their toys.

anne said...

hang ni mmg hampeh la mynn! tak sudah2 lagi ke nak gelak kat orang? nasib baik la hang dok jauh kalau dak mesti dah kena terbil dgn lastik (ha keluaq habih slang penang raggedyanne ni!) Kesian tau kat I, cari bathrobe mcm nk gila kat carrefour, tesco, pacific, parkson. Semua tadak! Agaknya org m'sia ni x biasa pakai kan, so depa pun x mau jual :)

anne said...

btw, juz curios, what didja get? and what did u give PMS *turn on kepohci mode*?

OK said...

Funnily enough I am not interested in the list.. hmm.. must be getting old... what i do want though is the projector for my Home Ent. Sys as well as the kick ass speakers that go with it (including amp of course)

An OSIM chair would be nice, plus a nice fridge, in addition a water jet pump to help clean the car. maybe a new computer as the old one is getting long in the tooth..

moby said...

Like I told the missus, Trin -

"Don't know what to get me for our anniversary or my birthday? Easy!"

"Just get me a gadget. Any gadget. The more buttons, the better. Even a Swiss army knife would be cool."

Her reply: "Huh??"

I like those red shoes in the pic. Very cool! I guess us guys like gadgets as much as women like BLING!

BTW, are surgeons wearing Crocs in your hospital? They're very popular among the surgeons here I notice.

dr in the house said...

Eh kasut tu warna merah ok apa Mynn? Sesuai untuk you! hehe

mynn said...

cewah2 dith, bagi fashion advice hari ni eh?:p

wah, i didn't know you have a blog of your own. i think i'll frequent your blog more often. i really222 like your blog using wordpress, it could do soooo much more than a boring blogger one. grr

re: "Just get me a gadget. Any gadget. The more buttons, the better. Even a Swiss army knife would be cool." <-- haha, next time i should do the same! however, i always feel guilty if PMS buys me anything expensive.

regarding shoes: surgeons in my hospital tend to wear formal shoes. but i would really love to wear formal looking sports shoes to work which are comfy and easy to run in (you know, for emergencies:)

i can't believe you're not interested in the list. not even the personalised balls??? (LOL) you know what, i've been wanting the stuff on the list for AGES but i havent yet indulged in any of them. i'm much more able to control what i buy/not buy nowadays <-- must be the age.

LOLOLOL, i'm really sorry anne, pls don't take the post seriously. but i just couldnt let your "personalised balls" post go away just like that! it's just too funny. Puan Mama Sarah and I were laughing like mad this morning reading your reply. "kesian anne, marah sangat sampai terkeluar habis Penang accent dia" <-- i said to PMS. LOL.

i've always thought you were the same dyanna, suka gadgets jugak? probably not to our extent. the list is actually a half joke - just an excuse to rib anne & to include the personalised bathrobe in the end.

1. what i really would like is (a) a yukata to wear as a pyjamas
(b) a japanese tea cup - you know, the porcelain/earth one.

2. i'm oncall today for one week -- sorry for the late reply guys.

Mama Sarah said...

alaa bby, i posted a comment, tp "connection time out" geram. anyway, i wanted to tell moby; i have never asked for a bling*bling from mynn. i think i can live without it (as long as I am away from Malaysia, I think)

and bby; remember when I went to Birmingham with your parents? I saw a pair of white shoes/trainers. The design was something like the red shoes. Weird straps.

I said to your parents, you might like them and wanted to ask the store if they have your size.

And the look from your parents face. As if saying No-No! Well, that was the message I got.

I think your parents prefer Clarks classic black with shoelace shoes.

Mama Sarah said...

p/s: bby, does that mean you don't like my last year's gift to you? personalised stethoscope?

i should have asked them to engrave

"happy anniversary" or
"i love you" or
"lots of love from your wife"

hahaha.. sure tak de orang nak curi punya kan?

Ikelah said...

terbuka salah entry...

my suggestion:

camera D80 tu hadiah ke mama sarah; reason... kalau dia tak pakai u boleh guna sekali... share. ;)

graphics card tu untuk u... kalau tak main games, mamsarah boleh buat good graphics editing dengan nya...

"we care, we share!"

Dyanna said...

Nikon D80 is cool.

anne said...

"i just couldnt let your 'personalised balls' post go away just like that!"
--*wails* tht joke was ur idea! u r mean, mean *winces menacingly*

"just an excuse to rib anne & to include the personalised bathrobe in the end"
-- i knew you're not gonna let me get away with it! either way, hope tht you had a great time laughing & making fun of me :) at least i made 2 ppl very very happy

anne said...

btw, i tot of a yukata too, but they're a bit short rite? i need something longer & more decent (yukata sexy sgt kot) to avoid any waldrobe malfunction while hubby pushes the heavy sliding gates open every morning.

hiyoshi said...

I have to find myself a very,very rich wife then if I expect to be showered with all these gifts (certainly for that Ferrari).

Oh wait. Shoot. She just got married to Dato K yesterday.

Nevermind. I'll settle for some tiramisu. Any takers? Anybody?

moby said...

Mama Sarah: You've never asked Mynn for bling-bling? Not even a teany, weany bling? I think I hear someone breathe a sigh of relief in the background there. Hehe! :D

But that's cool. What's uncool would be a wife who "demands" bling from her husband.

"Eh, bang .... kita dah nak raya ni! Lengan saya ni macam kosong pulak eh? Alangkah baiknye kalau abang belikan saya gelang mas lagi ... "

Mama Sarah said...

moby i'd rather not have gelang mas than berhutang keliling pinggang. sometimes, i feel scared if mynn has to buy me bling*bling then he hasn't got enough money to buy his gadgets.

ikelah we care we share

huhuhu... begitulah adanya saya sebelum ini. hadiah2 saya yang pernah saya terima sebelum ni;

1. dvd player
2. trilogy set of Star wars
3. mobile fone yang hilang tu.
4. 19" flat screen computer cum tv.

i'm not complaining. how can i complain when he smiled so wide presenting the presents.

for this year he suggested a tv or cordless phone or an iron. As usual i declined. Cakap kita dah spent banyak on our travelling here and there.

Mama Sarah said...

btw ikelah i suggested to mynn this year kita beli a camera for both of us. kita tong-tong harga dia.

pastu baru ni, masa di cambridge - we were taking photos in rain. Mynn cakap, "i wonder macam mana kita nak tangkap gambar guna camera mahal kalau hari hujan?"

tak jadi beli camera.

kenakelayan said...

PMS, memang tu trick yg sama yg OK guna.
Hadiah2 yang pernah diterima:

1. 25 inch TV
2. very swanky digital camera (zaman tu org tak biasa lagi pakai digicam)
3. PDA phone
4. multiregion DVD player (masa tu pun org tak biasa guna multiregion)
5. bluetooth dongle for my laptop
6. DVD Lord of the Rings

Hmmm I begin to see a pattern here... next year OSIM chair pulaks ke... ehehehehe....

mynn said...

tu yukata utk orang2 kerdil/hobbit kot. i think yukata ada yang panjanglah.

you know what, puan mama sarah tak kisah nak beli digital camera baru sbb dia tau kitorang will put it to good use. i'm the one not buying it sbb nak "save money" for other things.

haha... you know what. i wanted to put a picture of siti nurhaliza as one thing i wanted for the anniversary (the text underneath her picture would say: siti nurhaliza -- the album that is, not the person). but i thought it wouldnt be appropriate for an anniversary post

uncle de makes a mean tiramisu. oh wait, he's a guy.

yup, puan mama sarah has never ever asked me for bling2 before. and i have offered. nice eh? puan mama sarah is very prudent with money.

HAHAHA. O-K and I graduated from the same school of thought. this year i offered puan mama sarah -- nak high definition TV?

one of these days kena ajak you main starcraft or Command and conquer over the net lah. heard you're quite a gamer.

hiyoshi said...


Good thing you thought about that first. And really, I don't give a hoot whether a guy or a gal makes my tiramisu. So long as it's good.

*stomach rumbling*

I'm going to get myself a sandwich in the meantime -.-"

Dyanna said...


nak cari calon style 'Musang berjanggut' ke? Hehehe..

I guess if you are looking for someone who can make tiramisu from scratch is quite loaded with money and don't mind to spend an unreasonable amount on a packet of cheese. Or maybe your tiramisu person is working at Secret Recipe (maybe not as good as the one we see on MS' blog).

mynn said...

dyanna pandai buat tiramisu .... hehehehe *nudge*nudge*

Dyanna said...

Mynn, I think the correct phrase should be: dyanna pandai makan tiramisu.

Sejak balik msia, dah jadi malas nak masak.

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jeffsmiff said...

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