Thursday, August 24, 2006

I've moved to Blogger Beta

I'm finally done with my week long oncall! Argh, thank goodness for that. However, I have to say I did have fun, and had both in terms of learning from seeing new things and practising on practical procedures (this time I got to do a lumbar puncture, pleural aspirate, an ascitic drain and my favourite: a central line). I LOVE doing practical procedures.

Apologies dear readers, my blog is in abit of a mess at the moment. The picture in the header is gone, and everything is all over the place. The reason for the clutter is simple:

I've upgraded to blogger in beta - *Insert evil sounding laughter here*

Errr, so what does that mean? Blogger in beta offer many new and exciting cutting edge features that are not available in the previous Blogger. For example:
  1. I can now tag my posts into various categories just like in Wordpress. (Blogger confusingly calls this feature "Labels")
  2. We now have the option to limit people who could view the blog e.g. everyone or invite only
  3. The templates are FAAAR more customisable, and easily so as well. Elements in a template is just a drag and drop away. Very cool.
Having said all that, I've lost many things from my previous blog as well: the page counter is gone (NOOOOOOO!) and so has the header picture.

However, it'd be a chance for me to design a new header for itchiness *Insert Evil Laughter* <- (yup, I'm an optimist). It may take me a while to get used to this new Blogger Beta, unfortunately that may not happen this long bank holiday weekend. This bank holiday weekend, we have plans with Uncle and Auntie De's family for an excursion. One that has been in planning for many weeks, and one that I have been gleefully anticipating throughout my loooooong oncall week.

Okay my friends, hopefully I'd be able to work well with Blogger Beta, but until then, expect this blog to stay in a semi-messy state. Many apologies.

Yours sincerely

Dyanna - Muahahahaha.


Dyanna said...


I'm green with envy, but at the same time quite excited to hear about it and I'm looking around to see what are the new changes in your blog.

I need to check my blogger account this afternoon!

Dyanna said...


I'm green with envy, but at the same time quite excited to hear about it and I'm looking around to see what are the new changes in your blog.

I need to check my blogger account this afternoon!

Ikelah said...

i m not far behind... thanks for the info.

beta tu...just check ur account and sign in.

dah lama tak buat procedure tu... i did a lot during houseman days.

mynn said...

easy ... on the login page, look to the middle of the page -- you MAY notice an "upgrade to blogger beta" button in blue. click that - and you're halfway there :)

However dyanna, at the moment i don't know whether i fully recommended it to you yet. it'd be a headache customising your templates because --- you cannot edit the html! (so tak boleh letak your shoutbox, or your page counter or any hacker html codes). instead, blogger in beta uses a drag and drop system -- much like tabble. ie. less control to the user, but VERY easy.

that's why i immediately switched back to the classic layout - the one that uses html (you have a choice in blogger beta whether to use the classic or new template).

hope that helps

ikelah pun guna beta rupanya.

with the procedures, over here -- berebut dengan other Senior House Officers kalau nak buat tau.

Dyanna said...

Oh really? Does it means that there'll be no originality in their blog if a blogger switches to Beta?

Now I'm thinking twice about switching to Beta.

Dyanna said...

But your comment box does look different.

Sherin Almashor said...

mynn, can't wait to see the new improve blog you are about to release. have a nice weekend with ur family.

Naja said...

Enjoy your bank holiday wknd. Nak gi mane pulak kali ni?

Naja said...

I lupe nk bgtau. r u serious of going bck to lapor diri? actually u don't have to go to putrajaya to do that, just fill in the forms n post them to jpa. I went to putrajaya that day to lapor diri but since i don't have my cert with me yet, that jpa officer said all i need to do is fill in the forms and attach my exam transcripts n cert n post them. If u want, I'll make a copy of the forms n mail them to u. Save u 500 pounds! Sorry to spam your comment box hehe

dyanna said...

Naja's right. Actually form tu boleh download from JPA's website. Since I've been back, I've never gone to JPA in Putrajaya to do such things.

ajab booboo said...

Ah? Cannot customise the html?? Boooo .... I don like! It'll make Blogger blogs look like the ones from Cannot customise much. :(

raggedyanne said...

itu rambutan ke pulasan??? sorry my comment xde kena mengena ngan blogger yg hampeh ni :(

mynn said...

dyanna & ajab booboo
there's an option when you upgrade to blogger beta to upgrade the template as well (thank goodness, a reversible process). upgrading the template is cool because you could then use the "tags" function and customising the look of the blog is easy ... BUT at the moment, customising the html is still not available - maybe soon.

thanks!!! you saved me >£500. i'm going to send a form rather than going back myself. ala .... i was going to go back over raya too .... but i guess spending raya with PMS & the kids would be more meaningful.

it's a spiky flower/fruit/nut thingy we saw in Oxford which reminded us of rambutan - so i immediately took a picture. havent had rambutan for > 1 year you know! ;(((( (except tinned ones)

Naja said...

No problem. Now the exchange rate is RM7 to 1 pound, d**n expensive!