Sunday, October 08, 2006

War Memorial Park Revisited

Pictures in these series were taken mid-morning when the sun was not yet right above our heads. The lighting was of course bright and harsh, extremely contrasty and long shadows.

For these series of pictures, I experimented with increasing the Saturation and Contrast settings by one stop. What do you guys think, any better?

Picture of Amar sleeping peacefully. The term for technique for taking pictures of shadows on people has escaped me (something to do with "box") but here I tried to reproduce the effect on Amar by taking a picture of him under a tree.

In this picture of Nisak, the sun was behind her causing the halo-like rim effect (I've always wanted to try this). If this shot was done earlier in the morning, the halo would be a beautiful gold colour. I have to try it one day!

Just to show the size of the monument compared to little Sarah

Picture was taken under a shade so it is less contrasty, however, the monument in the background is now too bright!

A wide angle view of the War Memorial Park

Last shot before we headed home.


ajab booboo said...

Uncle Mynn, your photos are getting better and better! Thumbs up!

dith said...


If you go to my blog you'll see that Khin's (ikelah's bro) blog is updated. I visited it and then to his linked fotopage and rupanya you got there earlier and comented, hehe
I must say that his macro pics are fabulous!

mynn said...

ikelah's brother punya fotopages yang mana? yang amir ridhwan tu ke? if so - ha ah the macro photos are indeed fabulous:D

eh dith, ajar lah macamana nak buat "updated" tu ...!

mynn said...

thanks! waiting for your father to join the canon/nikon dslr club too :)

dith said...


I've replied at the comment box re: updated.

supernunu said...

uncle mynn, i dun know what u're talking abt but the photo's all looked pretty enuff for me. Keep practising!

OK said...

Waah ejak ada DSLR... selalulah Next Top Model make an appearance! Ini satu perkembangan yang baik... the camera really ensures the inner beauty shines along with the outer beauty.

mynn said...

hehehe, i'll reply in your blog in 5 mins

ala ... sorry lah nunu, wait until this photography phase passes, then i'll hopefully speaking normal english again, okay?

haha, jangan - kembang karang tu..