Friday, October 13, 2006

Cardiff Bay at Night

Salams dear readers. It turns out that there's internet here after all. I would love to write more later, but I'm quite pressed for time so I think I'll put up pictures first and write more later (when I have time). Yesterday I embarked on a night photography session with Mr Rosli Othman, here in Cardiff, Wales. Here are the results:

I would love to post up the EXIF data for these pictures but I just don't have the time. Do note that some of these photos were many seconds long (enough to make a cup of tea!) and it was quite a windy night.

These pictures of the Wales Millenium Centre were taken handheld (!)

Okay, I did cheat by bumping the ISO as high as I can and I also propped part of the camera on a wire fence (while holding the body). I have always wanted to capture a picture of the Wales Millenium Centre at night, the words on this impressive building lights up "IN THESE STONES THE HORIZONS SING". The words in Welsh could be translated as, "Creating truth like glass from the furnace of inspiration". I am awed by this building.

Canon 400D - 18mm - F3.5 - 1/6 sec - ISO 800

Canon 400D - 18mm - F5.6 - 1/8 sec - ISO 400

For the picture below I had to set the white balance to "flash" as the picture originally flared orange. I also love the "starburst effect" created by the strong lightsource. I thought you need special starburst filters for the effect. Because of the long exposure, I like how the reflection of the lights blur and smothens out:

Canon 400D - 41mm - F22 - 25 secs - ISO 200

Canon 400D - 22mm -F8 - 10 sec - ISO 200

Canon 400D - 18mm - F11 - 4 sec - ISO 100 .

The picture above is taken from the jetty outside of Bosphorus, and is dedicated to Uncle and Auntie De. Around 3 or 4 years ago, we celebrated Auntie De's birthday here and Uncle De took a similar photo as above from the said viewpoint. At that time I realised for the first time that Uncle De also has a "artsy" side to him:D

Mr Rosli Othman and his 30D


arep said...

pehh..ganas betul Mr Rosli punya 30D huhu waa..besnya diorang kat cardiff! have fun! ;)

dyanna said...

Oh kewl!!! I miss cardiff so much just by looking at those pictures.. too bad I didn't managed to sneak in a theatre/show at the WMC eventhough during the last few months there I passed by that place every single working day.

Nice night shots.

Kynne said...

Fuwoargh!! Did you get yourself a tripod? If you did, good one!

Saya suka gambar yang kedua. All the night shots are crisp and clear.

4 thumbs up!


Fuwoargh! Gitu. Lol.

mynn said...

best kat cardiff. Rosli semi-pro photographer, bercita2 nak jadi fully pro. tengah apply kerja :)

more pics around cardiff to come. we've been EVERYWHERE :) cantik betul WMC.

thanks! The pictures was indeed taken with a tripod but it was Rosli's i borrowed. to begin with i thought using a tripod was extremely cumbersome, come the second day though ive gotten used to all the switchis and levers.

ironic you chose my semi-handheld photo as your favourite:)

i experimented with all sorts of apertures, notice some F22 (but blur sbb manual focus & windy night)