Wednesday, October 04, 2006

4/10/2006: Sarah's 3rd Birthday

Sarah's real birthday is on the 4th of October
Package from Malaysia (I had to GIMP out our address)

Birthday card from Atuk & Nanny

Finding Nemo. Atuk bought this from Australia

From China - Thanks Nanny

From her expression you could tell Sarah loves the dresses so much

Happy Birthday Sarah!
This was also an experiment taking pictures in RAW. I'll comment about RAW later. Busy! Off to work now...


Atuk said...

Wow, Sarah look so glamorous in her Chinese dress..She looks quite different as hairstyle?

Nanny said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Sarah rupa Britney Spears lah!

Mynn said...

Atuk & Nanny
Sarah happy betul birthday dia over 2-3 days, lepas satu satu dapat present. pastu dua kali ada cake.

suka betul dia dapat present dari malaysia tu - terus dia nak tukar baju!

Uncle di Enniskillen said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!! What a wonderful birthday present from atuk & nanny.

cibilzsonic said...

she is sooooooo cute! happy birthday,gurl! muah! ;)

OK said...

It seems that this is another all birthday season for the family...

Happy birthday to Sarah from IHM and family


p/s - What Home Theatre is a good place to start

mynn said...

:) the good thing is birthdays come in clusters - so senang nak arrange combined birthdays, sometimes 5 orang sekaligus :)

- it's dangerous for me to buy any magazines man. magazines are the prelude to buying.

on sarah's behalf, thank you. panjang umur & murah rezeki you probably could meet her next year when you are studying here.

mynn said...

oh and by the way cibilzsonic, thank you for dropping by & leaving a comment :)