Saturday, October 28, 2006

Eid 2006 Revisited

Salams all. I'm sorry for the long silence without any updates but as Puan Mama Sarah has mentioned in the comments in the post prior to this one, I am currently oncall right after my Eid holidays. The oncalls are quite busy, and afterwards I tend to get really tired, hence the blog neglect.

However, I've come to thinking; rather than stay silent without any updates at all I might as well just put up something. And this update is that "something". I think from now on, whenever I get too busy to put up anything I'm just going to flood/spam my blog with topical pictures. And the topic for this one is: Eid Revisited.

Do bear in mind that these are pictures chosen lazily, and minimally edited due to the limited time. I'm just posting up pictures just so that I have at least something for the blog, and also I heard from some people (especially the family) that they would love to see more pictures of us. So, roll the pictures:

Puan Mama Sarah getting ready in her custom-made-since-one-year-ago-with-special-material-from-the UK-but-tailored-in-Malaysia Eid costume. I don't think it's pre-planned that this year's Eid would be pink/peach costumes for us but Along and family sent the little kids very pretty pink baju raya that we immediately chose pink as this year's theme.

Picture taken on second day of Eid, notice Puan Mama Sarah is wearing a different baju raya of a different style on that day (whereas the rest of us were wearing plain) . We the adults were gathered in the living room playing with the little ones and here is Amar asking Puan Mama Sarah to blow up a baloon. Notice the expectant twinkle in Amar's eyes and I like this picture as it conveys the relative size between Amar and an adult. Both were sat near the glass door and I like the slits of illumination (however, not done effectively enough in the picture in my opinion).

Puan Mama Sarah with Auntie Maryam aka Auntie Wa. Taken on the first day of Eid, Auntie Wa was preparing Nasi Minyak for expected guests.

Kak Wati in Eid costume busily preparing our Eid breakfast.

Auntie De in Eid baju kurung, Auntie De's family's theme this year was also coincidentally pink (and white). At this point I have to say that my problem with the new camera is that I am so far still struggling trying to take good portraits and I fall flat every try. People are just too unpredictable and dynamic and I find it pretty difficult to capture them at the right moment (That's why I prefer to take pictures of static, immobile buildings and architecture instead). I'll keep practising.

Uncle De with his high-definition Sony video camera, finally caught in a close up. I trying hard to tempt Uncle De to give in to buying a DSLR. I'll keep trying.

One of those *eye-rolling-upwards* moment as Auntie De was feeding Uncle De a specially made bread-and-butter pudding. Uncle De was laughing afterwards as Auntie De made sure there were lots of raisins, which Uncle De despises!

Auntie De helps Sarah with her hairclip as Safiya was watching.

Emyr. Another attempt of capturing someone's portrait. Emyr is really photogenic, I find, especially as he goes through various different emotions throughout the day. He's such a handsome lad.

Safiya. I was careful to frame Safiya's eyes which were further highlighted by light from the glass door.

Shafiq, as we were waiting for Eid prayers to start. I'm not sure why he was covering his nose and mouth at that time but I know he has asthma. It was also a cold morning.

Final picture of "our family". Amar and Sarah was refusing a family picture, so Puan Mama Sarah and I jokingly took their dolls and posed them instead of Sarah and Amar. That's why we were laughing so much in the picture and that also explains Sarah's confused and tentative expression. Look further in the background to the right, and notice in the mirror a reflection of Auntie De, also laughing.

Whew, that took longer than I thought!


dith said...

Insyallah, your portraits are getting much better. Almost reaching the stds of Rosli's, hehe

My fave are Nisak blowing the balloon and Uncle De's so serious look.

ikelah said...

the potraits of the kids yang you ambil di tempak mama sarah are 'deeper' and more eye catching.

di sini, i love gambar syafiq.... budak-budak ni... facial expression mereka lebih mendalam. dia cover mulut dan hidung dia agar you fokus pada expresi mata dia yang sangat menarik(walaupun belum cukup tajam fokusingnya). he gave you the chance of a lifetime of his special pose. ;)

biasalah terbeli filter besar, akan terbeli lens besar....hehehe ;)

hiyoshi said...

And may I add that Puan Mama Sarah is also getting better in posing for the camera ~

...then again, she hasn't really been posing for the camera before this, has she? -_-"

pycnogenol said...

And why is it that I'm going 'tergolek-golek' every time I see pics of Mama Sarah now?

Dont worry Mynn, it has nothing to do with you not having mastered the art of taking good portraits.

Mama Sarah, now you have to explain to Mynn. ;)

arep said...

Selamat Hari Raya!! minggu depan jadi kan?

anne said...

love love love tht pic of syafiq! feels like u amik gambar budak afghan mana ntah!