Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Aidilfitri 2006

Eid morning, the second thing in everyone's minds was probably, "finally we get to eat breakfast!". Above was Puan Mama Sarah busy helping with setting out the morning feast for the family. The Eid must haves were mostly available: nasi himpit, rendang, lodeh, kuah kacang, beryani and kopi kampung.

The first thing in our minds was of course, getting ready in our traditional baju melayu and baju kurung to get ready for Eid prayers. It seems that one of us was a bit late in getting up...

We went to the rented local community centre for Eid prayers, the khutbah celebrated our success in completing the fasting month and reminded us of the blessings of islamic family values.

After Eid prayers, we took the time to shake hands and mingle with the community.

This year we are celebrating Eid with our sister angkat's (Auntie De's) parents: Uncle Zainal and Auntie Maryam in Nottingham. It may be our last Eid celebration with them in England since I'm soon moving back to Malaysia.

The rest of the family was patiently waiting our return from Eid prayers. We asked each other for forgiveness and then settled for a second breakfast. Above is our family in our Eid costume. The children's costumes were so very generously sent from Malaysia thanks to Along and family. Thank you Along!!! We deeply appreciate the children's baju raya :)

Uncle de, Auntie De, Emyr and Safiya had to be forced to pose in front of the camera :) When I asked for a picture of Auntie De to "salam & cium tangan Uncle De" they replied, "We don't do cheesy wedding poses :p".

Here's a picture of all the boys.

This is my favouritest picture of the series: of cute little Safiya. She is the female equivalent Amar in my opinion; quiet, settled, never a whimper and very sociable. She didn't even cry once when her parents left her under our care to go shopping. She's so cute too!


pycnogenol said...

Okay Mynn, I'm not going to ask about your missing songkok, but I love that Raya family portrait - with or without the songkok. ;)


ayumi said...

That grass looks so good.. hahaha..

mynn said...

selamat hari raya pycno :) notice uncle de was not wearing a songkok either. is a songkok that important??

oh, ive noticed one thing about raya in the UK. Duit raya is not a culture among the malays here it seems.

salams to you too. Gosh, been a long time. Hope everything there is okay & you're adjusting well to medical student life.

Anonymous said...

'is a songkok that important?'

camni la org melayu..
baru pegi oversea kjp,
da nk lupe asal usul daa..