Monday, October 09, 2006

Eid Greetings (already?!)

For us living overseas, it's quite customary towards the approach of Eid that we post "Salam Perantauan" pictures for family and friends to see. I was browsing my friend Arep's fotopages yesterday and upon seeing his Warwick University "Salam Perantauan" pictures I immediately felt like doing one of these for my family as well!

Anyway, Arep's Eid photos are fun to see - and my favourite is the one above. I had a great laugh.

My point is, to all readers of the blog: shall we all post some sort of Eid Salam picture on our respective blogs? I know most of you have families far away - and it'd be great if we all post something for our loved ones.

I'm currently working on mine ...

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moby said...

Oh Power Rangers eh?? For a moment there, I thought they were the Tellytubbies. Huhhuhhuh!! :D