Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stairway to Heaven Revisited

These pictures were inspired by P. Moss' comment on a previous post:
Great subject but not the right moment to capture and I think it`d be more interesting if not taken as silluette. The right moment is when the colour of the sky creates a contrast with the subject. Try again when the sky is yellow or orange and see how it`ll look with the yellow hitting the spiral. It should be spectacular. Take out the red chimney and then the image will have a name: Winding road to heaven and I`d send it for prints and even for competitions.

Mr. Moss nailed it and the keyword here is "the right moment". It inspired me to go out early in the day to catch the sunrise and all these pictures were during that magical period:

I found it difficult to select which particular one out of all the various zoom lengths to put on the blog so I put the four I thought is best. Um, personally I prefer the wide-angle one (top-most).

Larger versions of these pictures could be found on my fotopages:


moby said...

I like the top photo too. The little spiral sorts of leads the eye to the vast expanse of the early morning sky, which should be the focus of the photo.

Thebodytalk said...

I think the top photo is the best. It looks so dramatic coz of the color contrast.

mynn said...

thanks moby! thanks to p.moss who made me think of these photos too. remember: timing!


ikelah said...

great photos.

i'll choose the first but it will be better if you can get nearer with wide angle to get the spiral bigger and at the same time not missing the spectacular display of the sky. it will also get the pesky pillar on the right out of the way.

yesterday and today will be bz kerja malam and preparing/editing/authoring/burning video DVD to be sent to our daughters. ;)

dyanna said...


mynn said...

i have been wondering how i could make the spiral big, while including a lot of the sky, and you've basically answered my question. thanks:)

re: the dvd, hehehe. i wonder DVD apa tu... lagu2 raya ke?

it always cracks me up hearing someone say "pergh" - i first heard that word last year, meeting PMS' brother. seems to be the "in" word at the moment - and im still trying hard not to use it. (to me it reminds me of keanu reeve's "whoa" in the matrix).

dith said...

Hmm lepas ni kita akan lihat 'water-mark' di gambar2 Mynn sbb quality nya sudah amat bagus untuk di curi, hehe

mynn said...

hehehe, watermark is a good idea! hmm my next project lah.

Kynne said...

The 1st saya suka - for the contrast of colours, especially the blues among the whites. (Saya tak suka part of pokok kat sebelah kanan hehehe)

2nd one without the pokok pun alright jugak.

3rd one with the leaves dangling down from the top... saya pun suka.

4th one, more close up, pun best.

Ok lah, saya suka semua.