Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sarah and The Spider

A small house spider was foolish enough to cross the living room while Sarah and Amar were watching TV. On hearing Sarah scream, and seeing the spider I immediately took Sarah's Bug Watcher (tm) and imprisoned the poor spider. I've always wanted to catch a spider as a specimen to show Sarah what it looks like under a microscope.

The small spider is seen in Sarah's Bug Watcher(tm) above, circled in white. Notice the amount of heavy duty tape around her Bug Watcher(tm). Truth is we are all ABSOLUTELY freaking scared of spiders - especially yours truly. We wouldn't want the spider to escape while our eyes are merely a few inches away from its poisonous fangs now, do we?

Here is the spider's thorax, magnified using the Bug Watcher(tm). Yours truly, Puan Mama Sarah, and Sarah were all fascinated looking at this magnified specimen. Notice the spider's hairy body.

The spider's head and thorax. Not only did Sarah learn something tonight, PMS did as well. PMS learnt that a spider has 8 eyes instead of just 2. That's what I call education for the whole family.
Believe it or not - pictures of the spider were all taken by Sarah using "her" 3 megapixel Sony Cybershot. The force is strong in that little one...

Psst DITH, what do you think of this watermark?


mynn said...

whoops, I made an error in the postings and lost all the comments for this thread. here's the recovered version:

OK said...

What a beauty! Me I am afraid of Lipan.. bad experience...

Any way, reminds me of Shelob... Peter Jackson is absolutely terrified of spiders..

Today masak bubur lambuk... yummy..also udang masak special and ikan asam pedas... best!

1:34 PM

Anonymous said...

wah wah.. so nice.... mmg menarik aa .. spider oo spider... be a spiderman hehe..

4:08 PM

mynn said...

you know what, i agree - the creature looks beautiful ... i particularly like the last photo. cantik ciptaan Allah.

also, i hate lipans too. i've been bitten twice! sakit man.

welcome to the blog :)

11:33 PM

dith said...

The watermark looks fine but make sure it's not too big lest it will obscure the whole pic.

So what happened to the spider? Hidangan berbuka puasa, hope not!

11:58 PM

mynn said...

we'll let go of the spider once sarah has gotten tired of looking at it - may be tomorrow :)

12:09 AM

mynn said...

agreed about the "too big" comment. It's too colourful too i think.

12:10 AM

moby said...

Arrrghhhh!!! Spider!! Yucks!!

anne said...

mynn, ur sony tu 3mp je ke? itu maciam kensel le....

the watermark? i cant agree with it more

mynn said...

sour grape:p i see that you've been putting pictures up on your blog lately, dah ada camera baru ke? :)

i hope the thing doesnt escape ... habis kita kena gigit nanti (revenge for imprisoning the little thing)

dyanna said...

Ack! Spider..!!

Kalau kena gigit ape kisah... Spiderman la jadi..

How about a rounded watermark? SOmthing like cap/cop mohor...

ps: btw, have u tried posting to Blogger Beta via Performancing? I couldn't get Performancing to sign in into my new google acocunt.

anne said...

hek eleh, mana ada. i'm broke, remember? Tu sumer gambar lama dahh... ada gambar pun gambar curik :p