Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Birthday to Along!

Happy birthday to my talented sister in-law, Along. May you get lots of rest on your special day (I heard a very special birthday present is on its way). I pray for your happiness, prosperity and Allah's blessings in your day to day life. See you guys next year Insya Allah.


dith said...

Happy Birthday Along! May Allah swt bless and guide you always! So are Izlin and Yaya going to sing a special birthday song dengan ketar2 suara lagI? :p

ilinYaya said...

terima kasiiiiiiih... siap buatkan gambar special lagi. tapi tang mana yang talented tu agaknya :-)

mynn said...

ha ah eh, kena encore performance ilin & yaya ni, lagu happy birthday pulak.

eh ... banyak talent nya:D best birthday? buat apa? takde gambar ke?