Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Portrait of Sarah

EXIF: Canon 400D - 44mm - F5.0 - 1/60 - ISO 100

This picture of Sarah was taken only just now, on the way back from Tesco. She was wearing Amar's new winter jacket and I took snapped this picture while she was gamboling with Amar. I was aiming for the jacket hood to kind of frame her face. I like her cheeky expression in this picture. Notice as well the debut of my watermark *smile*. 

I think the watermark is a bit too colourful for my liking and I may revise it in the near future.

My annual leave starts today, so I'm off work until after Eid. We have many things planned for the next 2 weeks and insya Allah if we have an internet connection and the means, we'll keep you guys posted. However, we may be silent for a while :) 

Assalammualaikum & see you guys soon.


dith said...

2 weeks leave? Wow, envious nya saya!

ikelah said...

Selamat bercuti kami ucapkan,
salam eidil fitri turut di sampai,
jika berkubang alkamera dilupa jangan
Takkan takde internet untuk di pakai?

moby said...

Have fun you guys! Enjoy your holidays! :D

Two. Whole. Weeks!!

Grr .... !! Stuck here with work. Can only take one DAY off.

One day to rule them all!

anne said...

Really love Sarah's pic here but not so sure bout the watermark...
Have a nice holiday!