Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Emyr & Sarah!

Part 1: Evolution of Sarah & Emyr's Birthday Cake

Sarah made the birthday cake herself

A layer of whipped cream in the middle, yummm

Complete with frosting on the outside

Sarah was enthusiastically decorating the cake

Auntie De expertly iced the writings (in what looked like Chinese!)

Final product! (notice the numerous candles)

Part 2: It's a Costume Party

Sarah as Tinkerbell (complete with wings, wand and twinkling lights!)

Amar as spiderman (roars of laughter as he entered the room)

Tinkerbell and Spiderman


Urm, Uncle De - for kids only lah. (But nice new pair of glasses ;)
Part 3: Sushi Revisited

The rolled egg



Putting them all together

Rolled sushi

Final product
Part 4: The Party

Glorious food (Amanda in the background)

Sarah and her birthday present, a Barbie doll she wanted so much

Emyr and his present, a walking mini-Robosapien

His reaction to seeing the robot walk (whoops)

Happy birthday Emyr and Sarah!!!

Blowing on the candles

The cute Safiya

... and Emyr enjoying the food!
Birthday wishes
13/9/2006: Emyr's 2nd Birthday
04/10/2006: Sarah's 3rd Birthday


Dyanna said...

Happy Birthday Sarah & Emyr!!!
Hugs & Kisses from Auntie Dyanna.

The homosapien.. eh, robosapien is really that scary huh??! Kesian Emyr.

Uncle De reminded me of something from the Ultraman series.. Raksasa Gorgon. Heheh...

ajab booboo said...

Happy birthday to Emyr and Sarah! Sedapnye dia makan cake tu .... !!

ikelah said...

Happy Birthday Sarah n Emyr. May Allah give both of you His Blessings.

dith said...

Many happy returns to both of them!

Btw, did Emyr cry or what when he saw the robot walked??

mynn said...

you know what guys, i actually wanted the robo-sapien for myself. i was the one yang tak sabar2 for emyr to open his birthday present -- and when he saw the robot walking, complete with flashing red eyes -- he wailed! mama sarah was quick to ask me to take a picture and the results are as you could see up there.

if i had more money i would definitely have gone for the bigger robo-sapien. the one complete with personality, speech and controller :D:D

another funny thing was Amar - he was SQUEALING with joy when everyone first saw him in the spiderman costume. there was a furor.

i hope uncle de doesnt mind the picture of him - it's really funny.

overall, i feel much more comfortable with the 400D, thanks to Uncle De's input. He pointed out that how the picture is shown in the LCD screen does NOT really represent the final result on the PC (the screen, although very bright) shows less brightness than on a monitor.

picture of the sushi is actually my experiments on manual focus. i am now humbly reminded that my eyes are a few diopters short of a perfect vision ;(

Thanks for the kind wishes everyone...

ibu aisyah said...

oh nice...a new camera. and poor boy...he sure does look really frightened. fortunately nothing untowards happened after that. so does his father actually plays with the toy now since the lil one is afraid of it?

OK & KKL said...

Happy Birthday Sarah and Emyr! :D

Naja said...

The cake looks so yummy and the sushi ! Bestnye sushi. Bijaknye Sarah buat cake sendiri.

Anyway, happy birthday sarah and emyr.

Mynn said...

ibu aisyah
welcome to the blog :D
Uncle De cleverly said he's going to put the robot wherever he doesnt want Emyr to go or touch. It's became an effective barrier!
(at least it's useful in some ways)

Thanks :) Tahun depan probably we could celebrate their birthdays together

the cake was made with great love and by so many people, sarah helped, PMS put it in the oven and applied the layer of cream, amanda did the frosting, auntie de iced the letters, they all decorated the cake and Emyr & I did the eating! :D

Dyanna said...

Safiya comel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gerammnya!!!!!!