Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Over the weekend, the same day we celebrated Sarah's birthday, there were thunderstorms in Coventry. Mid-afternoon, there was a particularly loud crack of thunder and it sounded really near. Needless to say, Sarah and Amar were pale and scared!

Unfortunately, the lightning destroyed two of our precious electronics: the DVD player I bought "for Puan Mama Sarah" and also my surround sound hi-fi system. One of Sarah's favourite DVDs (Disney's "The Wild") was trapped in the DVD player which prompted this infiltrate, destroy and rescue operation.

Caution: don't do this at home ladies and gentlemen, it could seriously electrocute you to asystole! (Uncle De was saying how he got electrocuted from opening his point and shoot camera). The operation was a success, especially the "destroy" part.

I'm slightly sad that the surround sound hi-fi system is now FUBAR, I've practically had the system for as long as I'm married to Puan Mama Sarah. But oh well look at the bright side: at least I could now consider the new Pro-Logic II, Dolby Digital HD Plus system :D
The famous song goes, "Patah tumbuh, hilang berganti" ...

  1. Time to invest on those Belkin Surge Protectors.
  2. Only joking about the Dolby Digital HD Plus system - I don't think I'll go for another surround sound system for a while.
  3. I'm currently using the old Playstation2 as our primary DVD player.
  4. A new DVD player would cost around £22.
  5. Probably time to get those Upscaling DVD player eh?
  6. That was also just a joke.
  7. I'm starting to get used to some of the nuances of the 400D, and I'm also starting to love the new camera.
  8. No one was hurt during the dissection of the DVD player (thank god!)


Naja said...

Heard about the 'DVD-and-surround-system-striked-by-lightning story from Mama Sarah the other day. Tak apelah, echoing your words, patah tumbuh hilang berganti ;)

dith said...


OK and KKL paid us a visit last night and they have described you as a very enthusiastic person and this entry shows that: how enthusistic you were in repairing the player. With pics summore! :p

Dyanna said...

As an EE engineer, I could like to know which particular part that was fried? Was it a capacitor (most likely) and where is its location?
Just curious to know...

moby said...

Living in one of the most lightning prone cities in the world, you've made me think about my non-surge protected electronics at home. Hmmm ... yup, time to buy "protection" soon!

Ikelah said...

ucapan takziah.

i have have this lighting surge device at home but it did not help me. however, i was lucky, i had 3 LAN cards, 1 internal modem and 2 dsl modem-router toasted. my MB survived. it must got throught the phone lines.

its good to hear that u like ur 400d very much.

Do you still yesssss sampai ke lantai?

Ikelah said...

lagi satu, video tu kata, kecikkan aperture kalau shoot macro macam ni. ni kan blurr... tak berapa jelas electrical board tu. ;)

mynn said...

:) sengaja lah ambik gambar tu for shallow depth of field. with my previous camera susah buat macam ni, so in the first week of having a DSLR, i'm going crazy with depth-of-field effects :D haha.

dith & Ikelah
iksyshs - tanya O-K and KKL about me they'll give you info 10 years in the past. i've grown up lah since then. (so i still occasionaly go "Yesss!" tap tak lah dari lantai hahaha)

"protection" is VERY important. unless you want a B3. protection is also important if you don't want your electronics to fry. thank god other precious electronics were not affected: my pc was okay (i use a belkin surge protector for it) and most everything else in the house is also okay. imagine an expensive almost £800 investment could just be gone in literally a flash!

i think its the Flux Capacitor* yang rosak.

huuu, i loved that dvd player - multi region, even boleh main divx. in retrospect though - i dont even need those extra functions ... so this time if i get a new dvd player i'm going for the basic features only. lagipun, the only people hoarding the tv is only amar & sarah :)

i don't know jack about engineering hehehe. flux capacitor is the thingy in Back to the future.

OK said...

Hehehe.. This is the time my friend to upgrade to the ulitmate surround sound system, Bosse, Jammo, Yamaha etc.. all have THX, dolby pro logic II and a bunch of other things.. Kalau movies are the main feature, then Jammo has rich sounds for movies, if you are into music, then the Bosse lifstyle series should do the trick (BTW Nissan Murano has Bosse equip sound systems)

As for the DVD player, pioneer is a good brand. Reads almost anything you throw at it.. however, maybe wait for the HD discs or Blu Ray players.. heh.. good luck with that.

As for info.. yeaps you are still as enthusiastic as ever and losing that does not mean we have grown up. The world will be a better place if we all still retain our childlife wonder of the world around us. Do you still believe in Magic and Dragons. Even science says that there is a probability that dragons do exist. As Einstein says, there is an infinite number of worlds and an infinite number of probabilities.

ps - for a detailed account on how Dragons can fly please read - Flight of Dragons by Peter Dickenson

hiyoshi said...

You made the thing sound like a burnt electronical cadaver.

Oh well...better things to come in the future, I hope :)

Dyanna said...

Hehehe... flux capacitor... so your dvd could travel back into the future? Too bad you can't put yourself through the DVD slot.

mynn said...

bad influence!!!! tengok tu bie, suruh i beli surround system pulak!?

btw, how's life in malaysia at the moment? busy or "busy"? *naughty laugh*

macam dissection anatomy pulak, hehehe. if i do replace the dvd player it'd be just a cheap one i think, tak guna sangat except the little ones.

too bad you're not here dyanna, or you could have had a look & try to repair it for us.

OK said...

Ello min, thanks for the question. things here have been very "busy". Not much time to update blogs..

hehehehe.. your mum just invited us to Afar's kenduri.. will arrange to go... ko tak dtg? hehehe

mynn said...

hahaha, "busy" ye? i have been wondering what you guys are up to --- senyap terus je tiba2. updatelah blog sekali sekala you both -- teringin nak baca your latest activities.

oo my mum dah ajak2 pegi ke afarh's kenduri ke? i got an invitation, and previously i was supposed to go back to malaysia around that time -- now cancelled. tak pe lah, from next year onwards boleh jumpa you guys puas2.