Sunday, October 22, 2006


Ask prior generations of Malaysians what they find most memorable during Eid and you'll get varied answers which would probably include the food, meeting family, attending Eid prayers and giving/receiving "duit raya".

But most memorable, and most exciting to me during my childhood were the fireworks, now (?fortunately) banned in Malaysia...

... but not in the UK :p

I have always wanted to convey to Sarah and Amar how exciting the celebration of Eid is in Malaysia, and this year I decided to share some of my childhood memories of playing with fireworks with the two litle ones.

This year, Eid coincides with bonfire night (5th of Oct) and so fireworks could be found by the truck loads! Furthermore, Tesco is currently offering a "buy one get one free" offer for all fireworks - much to my happiness and glee.

I bought the evolution pack - £16 pounds worth of rockets, ferris wheels, greek fountains and various other explosives. Yess! ... and I got one packet free. That's a LOT of explosives.

We're now in Nottingham, where we normally celebrate our Eid with our family friends, and even though Eid for us is set on Monday, we still decided to open one box of the fireworks.

Man, it's difficult to photograph fireworks: (shutter set to "bulb" mode, ISO 100, F8)

Sarah originally was excited seeing all the pyrotechnics but after hearing the loud explosions, she became scared & remained inside the house. Amar didn't care less about the beautiful displays. In the end it was just us grown-ups; yours truly, uncle De and Shafiq who had the most fun!

One more box waiting for tomorrow, and several left overs from today too ... can't wait!


arep said...

waaa..bess nih..dah bertaun jugak tak main mercun!!

dith said...


I reckon this must be one of your most memorable holidays huh. Lots of travelling, photographing and fireworking. Usually when I go for long holidays (which is very very rare for poor old me), I find it a tad hard to gear myself back to working environment. When I was doing hematology attachment in bloodbank, after being away, my brain has to recall back how those blood cells look under the microscope! hehe

auntie de said...

notice the mildly psychotic look in his eyes, and that grin... *shudders* he must have something to do with the reason why malaysia has banned fireworks, im sure! ;D

dith said...

Auntie De,

Yes, I too thought he looked weird in that pic. (like so abnormally exuberant) For a mo, I thought it wasnt him! Definitely he must be the reason why crackers were banned here! Definitely!

Rosli Othman said...

To Tesco it is then hahahaha...

mynn said...

tesco dekat je dengan rumah kita hehehe, boleh gi beli mercun to refresh your memories & take photos :)

dont you think banyak cuti kat UK? cuti after cuti after cuti:) anyway, im so not looking forward to start work again this wed :(

auntie de & dith
hahaha, i had a look at my own picture again, i do look abit wide eyed with glee at that time eh. hey, best tau main bunga api. at least 10 tahun dah tak main.

very impressed with your raya wish on your fotopages: cantik!

dith said...


We jusr might tag along with OK and KKL this coming Sunday! Insyallah!

mynn said...

excellent:) hope you'll enjoy a visit to my parents' humble home. they read the blog too occasionally, so i bet they are already familiar with both dith & ikelah. regards to O-K & KKL from us:)

ayumi said...

Fireworks aren't banned in India either! Kat sini people play fireworks like mad.. even into the late nights... That happened during Diwali. Sort of disturbing sometimes, especially when you've got an anatomy test at the back of your mind!