Monday, October 09, 2006

Cutting Edge Fashion

Fashion designer Hussein Chalayan showed to the world the absolute bleeding, cutting edge of fashion at his Spring/Summer 2007 Fashion Show.

For the show Chalayan used animatronics technology to "morph" clothes from one fashion to another. Concept art:

Long dresses morphs to short miniskirts, dresses transforms into hats, automatic zippers and many more.

  1. Watch the video, and prepare to be utterly gobsmacked impressed: Full length video [nudity warning]. The animatronics part comes towards the middle to end of the video so please be patient.
  2. Behind the scenes. Link.
  3. Photos
Seriously, the technology is absolutely AMAZING and the video is not to be missed. I look forward to buying shirts that button themselves, a jacket that could transform into a t-shirt, a cap that could morph into a pair of sports shoes and wearing the same shirt for a week (the shirt would change fashion every day).

Cool -- via boing boing and Engadget.


moby said...

Oh! Thanks for reminding me! I wanted to check this video out but not possible since I was in the office (got nudity nanti boss nye mata terbeliak kalau dia nampak). Then I totally forgot all about it.

I'll go home and check it out - after buka, of course! ;)

ikelah said...

arrgh... takkan pakain ramadhan kot.