Saturday, October 07, 2006

Motion: An Experiment in Panning

As the title suggests, these are pictures I took while the subjects were in motion using the "panning" technique i.e moving the camera in the direction of motion together with the subject. The results are supposed to be a dynamic picture of sharp subjects against a blurry background suggesting motion.

It takes A LOOOOOOT of practice to perfect this, and these are the results from my first few steps of trying this technique. What better place to study motion than the playground?*

I was impressed and felt so lucky that the park even has skateboarding ramps. I've never before appreciated skateboarding or these extreme sports until I saw these kids in action today. Great for photography (but extremeeeeely difficult to capture properly).

*probably a racetrack.


dyanna said...

I think the 'bicycle boy' picture is the best..
the one of Sarah and Amar - there's a lot of background distractions.

ikelah said...

agree with dyanna, tak leh komen banyak... sibuk sikit hari ni

mynn said...

thanks che ya - i agree banyak background distractions yang pull away viewer's eyes from the main subject.

sibuk buat bubur lambuk ke? :)