Tuesday, October 24, 2006


This was orinally a warm picture of Amar playing in the garden this morning, making a mess of himself. In this picture I was experimenting with:
1. Photoshop (you heard that right, PHOTOSHOP[!] No more using the primitive GIMP for me :p)
2. The channel mixer in Photoshop to produce a black and white image
3. The dodge and burn tools.

My goodness, I couldn't believe how a black and white image completely transformed the original to this almost-like-a-murder-scene picture. The drama is definitely heightened, I feel, from the original:

Dyanna, seriously my friend - if you want full functionality it's time to abandon GIMP and adopt Photoshop!


moby said...

Haha! Now you know why I like black and white photography so much. Nothing tells a story more than a black and white photo when you strip it of all the colours and the mood of the picture really comes out.

pycnogenol said...

Yes indeed, the black and white version adds drama to the pic.

Can easily be one in the compilation of the Crime Scene Squad.

hiyoshi said...

Scary man...scary....Looks as if he was shot *wink*

mynn said...

i've indeed discovered somekind of a hidden beauty in black & white pictures. Planning to explore that side of photography too occasionally :)

how's your raya so far? echo-ing PMS, mana gambar raya??

hehehe, does look like he was shot - all i did was deepened the shadows in photoshop. btw, hope study is going okay despite raya:)