Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend in Nottingham: Lunch at Wagamama

Wagamama, a Japanese word meaning "selfish" is also the name of a restaurant offering oriental dishes fusing Japanese, Chinese and Thai flavours (an example would be the Udon ramen dish with coconut milk and lemongrass soup). Auntie De was kind enough to buy us lunch there:

My favourite dish in Wagamama is the Seafood Ramen, but this time I ordered the Amai Udon. Amai means "sweet" in Japanese, and the Udon was definitely sweet, but not sickeningly so.

In fact all three of us ordered the Amai Udon today. In absentia from the picture is yours truly, but you could see my dish waiting patiently for me to consume it.

This was how we were seated, right by the window with a nice view of a busy Nottingham City Centre. Look closely at Amar and Auntie De. Amar was giving Auntie De his sweetest, dimpliest smile then shying away when Auntie De reciprocated. MS looked accusingly at me while asking, "From where has Amar learnt to be so flirtatious???"

Look at the ever so fatherly Uncle De who single handedly handled his two precious ones (my precioussses).

Close up of Amar's favouritest Auntie, for Amar to dreamily gaze on later ;) Hmm how to tell Amar that she's taken?

A wonderful lunch which we owe to Auntie De. Thanks Auntie De!

Random stuff:
  1. For my birthday last year, Auntie and Uncle De bought me a Wagamama cookbook. I'm sure there was a hint somewhere in the gift, but I'm not sure of the message. Was it "Mynn, you should learn how to cook", or "Mynn, you should cook more often!", or "Mynn, you should make these for us." Hehehe.
  2. The Amai Udon has shrimps, spring onions and tofu. It's seasoned with peanuts. It has a subtle peanut buttery taste to it. Yum!

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