Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Adding two new blogs

As if my sidebar is not congested enough, I'm adding two more blogs to it. One is by Mama Sarah's friend, err our friend, in Cardiff recently graduated Medicine. Her blog is C'est La Vie. Nice happy pictures of the graduation there, and delicious food.

The second I'm adding is Dyanna's brother's blog: The Secrets That Lies ...  -- he recently explained, quite interestingly, why Superman was designed with his underwear outside. It turns out that the year Superman was designed was around 1938, when the circus was very popular. Connect the dots. He also seems to be an Anime fan, likes movies and tech. Unfortunately, in order to add comments, you have to have a Friendster account.

I also welcome any suggestions on other good blogs I should read ...


dyanna said...

YEs, he is THE anime fan in this house. Otaki ke ape ntah..
He also has a knack on Photoshopping digital pictures..
A computer tweaker himself..
To think of it I think he's a geek (tp dari rupa fizikal, he doesn't look like Bill Gates or anything similar).

mynn said...

-> dyanna
from reading his blog, i could tell :) nice to see someone else who likes anime & tech, really is. and another photoshop fan eh? hehehe.

Anonymous said...

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