Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Tribute to Abdul Azim

Congratulations to Azim who has recently graduated with a Dentistry Bachelor's Degree from Belfast University. Second in our family of five, and now three years married with three children (all of them under the age of 2) the road has always been rocky for Azim. He had to divide time between studies and his family, and he received twins during his final exams. The trials and tribulations that faced Azim would have brought the most ardent to his knees, but Azim persisted, and has been granted with success. A success not only for himself, but for his wife Salamiah, for as the saying goes: "Behind every great man is a great woman". Salamiah has always been supportive and patient all these years. May the road ahead be easier for Azim and his family. Well done!

above image GIMPed from this one:
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nnydd said...

gambar atas tu gambar dlm studio ke atau transposed?

mynn said...

no, guna GIMP (macam photoshop). gambar bawah tu gambar asal.

saje nak buat macam dalam studio, macam orang ambik professionally lepas grad. almost macam cut and paste lah (although not as simple as that).

pycnogenol said...

WOW!!! to both Azim's success (despite all the trials and tribulations) and to Mynn's success at GIMPing the pic. That's simply superb!!

That's a touching tribute from one caring big brother.


kenakelayan said...

Wah macam ada cahaya suci...

mynn said...

cant help but laugh reading pycno's comment. ada ke kita pun dapat congratulations jugak.

ikut kan hati, i wanted to detail all the trials and tribulations azim faced. but i feared going into too much detail & takut azim tak approve. so i left it more or less vague.

that's what nisak said. kalau you ada masa maybe we'll see you this weekend or next week (tapi tak guarantee as my parents rupa2nya tak berniat utk pegi london). we'll see. Nisak plan nak buat passport so maybe kena pegi jugak in the end. Jumpa sekejap pun takpe, maybe we'll buy you lunch (or dinner)!

... ala pretty biasa je the techniques to do the above. professionals could do magical things with photoshop/GIMP ni. seriously magical things. im still learning.