Saturday, July 01, 2006

Stratford, with the Family

Tabblo: Stratford Upon Avon with My Family

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I have been reading a moving opinion in a blog I've recently visited and that piece has made me realise how important writing on blogs really are. So from now onwards, I aim to try to provide more writings instead of just pictures and I'll also attempt to try and put down my opinions and thoughts rather than just letting the pictures do the job for me (if I feel my thoughts are necessary or relevant to the info, that is).

My parents are finally here. It has been many months since I last saw them (around 8 months), and during the visit to Malaysia that time, I only managed to see my parents over 5 days. Before that, the last time I've been back to Malaysia had been 3 years prior. So far, I've received quite a few comments saying how young my parents/father looks. To be honest, even I was shocked seeing how young my parents still look when I picked them up at the bus station last night. Time has been quite kind to my parents and I deeply wish it will be as kind on me (haha!).

Today, as you guys could probably see from the Tabblo (i.e the picture plate above) our plans were successfully executed. It has been around 30 years since my parents last visited Stratford-upon-Avon, and it has been their wish to go there again as the place has a certain sentimental value to them - the nature of which is kept secret from us. I couldn't really say my parents were awashed with nostalgia today, but they seem to fully take in the beauty and culture of the place. What I enjoyed seeing most was my father bringing Sarah to feed muffins to the swans and ducks by the canal (Funny true story: once someone approached my father and asked if Sarah was his daughter!). It's wonderful seeing Sarah's curiosity with animals mixed with my father's enthusiasm to entertain (and teach).

In the end, I look back to see today as tiring, but satisfying. Stratford-upon-Avon is truly a beautiful place and suitable to bring anyone of any age to relax and picnic on the grass by the canal or even go shopping at the town centre (that's a HINT to all of you with parents coming soon;)

Thank you for reading everyone, I'm about to retire as we have an early day tomorrow. The bus to the airport leaves at 10am.


dr in the house said...

It's good to see you, all enthusiastic to write something for each entry. I must say you have a special flair in writing.

All this while I thought that you've all been going back regulalrly to Malaysia and that your parents have also regulaly paid visits.

Insyallah I do believe you have inherited your dad's stay-young genetic make-up. Just make sure you dont put on so much weight that is!! haha

May your parents' stay with you be filled with Alah swt's blessings and bring all of you closer.

Take care. My salam to Nisak and kisses to Sahgah and Amar!

mynn said...

Thanks dith, yup my new azam is to actually write my opinions and impressions rather than just posting pictures. To be honest dith, i've been to boarding school ever since i was 13 and I havent seen much of my parents since. also, i know that i'll be back in malaysia for good one day, so i try to save money by not going back unless it's necessary. about the "flair in writing", i'll never be as good as DITH .. ever.

Hehehe, you jest about genetic make-up & putting on weight. I hope i don't!!! so far my weight has been VERY constant despite moves to put on weight. infact, starting the new job i'd lost 3kgs. we'll see ...

amin to your doas. thanks dith. so ifos is coming home soon, sampai ikelah ambik cuti from blogging several weeks in advance to prepare eh??? hehehe.

OK said...

Hmmm min with a belly and long beard.... nampak macam mendeleev laks.

Dyanna said...

Apa rahsia awet muda? hehehe....

pycnogenol said...

Dyanna - Rasa-rasanya rahsia awet muda ni ialah kahwin muda. Betul ke Mynn? kalau tak tahu, tanya Abah.

Sherin Almashor said...

Congrats to ur brother! Wow, now I know why Mama Sarah tak update blog. Sibuk tu. Salam to all...:)

mynn said...

hehehe i think pycno is right. kalau kahwin muda, anak dah besar2 pun orang rasa kita muda lagi. that's the secret

Sherin, haah mama sarah is busy, and there's also very limited access to the one PC. using a PC that's not our own is difficult. tapi kitorang balik esok, so insya allah by lusa im sure mama sarah will write something on her blog