Monday, July 03, 2006

Belfast day 2 - Azim's Graduation Day

Tabblo: Azim

Today, the 3rd of July 2006, Azim finally graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Dental Surgery. These are pictures from his graduation ceremony in Queen's University, Belfast , Ireland. ... See my Tabblo>


pycnogenol said...

Let me guess. Azim is your brother and is already married too and ada kembar lagi, just like Kenakelayan's sister, Mak Twain??

Apa apa pun, CONGRATULATIONS Azim!!!!...and to the proud parents too....yang masih muda. Honestly, I'm tempted to ask, how old is your father?

p/s: I hope I'll be as fit and healthy as your dad on my children's graduation day/s!!!

pycnogenol said...

Kalau betul Azim ada twins, is he known as Pak Twain? ;)

orangkilang said...

Hmm I dont think M-Twain is the sister with the Twins.. in fact I think she's not even married yet...

Hehehe... Amin, Azim, Afar, Adan... so yeah... next in line.. jeng jeng jeng..

orangkilang said...

but then again... i am clueless nowadays.. i have not seen real rest in two months... my vision isgetting blurry... i yearn for a real bed... funny thing is, I am getting used to sleeping in the chair.

pycnogenol said...

Orangkilang - You're adding to my confusion now. If Mak Twain is not the sister with the twins, who then is KKL's sister WITH the twins? Will she please stand up!!

And if indeed Mak Twain is not even married, care to explain the name Mak Twain then.

P/s: Sorry Mynn for using your comment box as a search engine to unravel the history of the twins, and their mother and aunty/ies??

Ikelah said...

pycno...kesian... these guys memang nak short circuitkan u. i'll let them clatify.

mynn,... congrats to azmi and ur family. 'macam tak caya'(<--menunjukkan kekaguman) itu your dad dari segi rupa... more like ur abang. seiras tapi nampak young. formulanya happiness, isnt it?

ini baru real datuk with 3 cucu? congrats tu the datuk sekali!

anyway, my son minta your email from me... maybe dia nak tanya about medicine di sana. before taht dia dah tanya KKL.

Sherin Almashor said...

Congrats Azim..
So nice to have our family around,eh?
Again, thanks. I get to see pictures of mama sarah.:)

dr in the house said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of your happy moments.

Only one query: Is Nisak really taller than you?? :p

mynn said...

:) hehehe, thanks for all the comments.

ok some explanations: azim is my younger brother, i'm the eldest, he's second. his been married for 3 years now to his wife Salam and has 1 boy Naufal and a pair of twins - Ulfah and Iffah. you guys should see us taking azim's formal graduation pictures! azim insisted on ALL of us joining him in the family photos - i'm sure the photographer was in cold sweat (taking pictures of 3 hyperactive kids is not easy). infact the photographer took something like 6 takes because even the adults were not composed properly trying to make the kids sit still, LOL.

ikelah, if your son nak tanya pasal medicine kat sini i'd be more than happy to answer whatever i can. wah, semua buat medicine in your family it seems. ikshs dith, hopefully your next question is "what colour is your ..."! i think nisak and i are of the same height. but i like to wear comfy flat shoes & nisak slightly higher shoes. so i guess its an optical illusion.

sherin - always a pleasure
o-k - you deserve a LOOOONG rest bila KKL balik nanti
pycno - as for my father's age -- LOL.

kenakelayan said...

Hehehehe O-K is just spending too much time immersed in the fumes of his deadly, deadly plant, that plus sleeplessness has addled his brain a bit. Dear, go home!!! They are not paying you overtime anyway, why give them free labour? (Oh God help me I DO hate his plant!)

Nope we are talking TWO different sets of twins here. I think Pak Twain would be my brother in law, Azim would be Pak Azim kot. :D

Li said...

Tahniah to Azim and family and also the proud parents..

p/s: i didnt know azim dapat twins :D so congrats on that as well

Dyanna said...

Congratulations to the parents who have brought up successful children. One a doctor, one a dentist (or more correctly, dental surgeon?), one an engineer, apa lagi ye? They've done a great job in bringing up all of you.

Congratulation to your brother too.

mynn said...

Lerrrr, i forgot i havent answered the comments here!! ive been too caught up trying to update the blog while my parents were sleeping from jet-lag, i forgot to even check the comment boxes.

anyway ...

KKL. actually i've also been confused before re: which sister is which. i cannot say i'm less confused! (but that's probably i take kenal sangat your siblings & family).

thanks. ha ah, twins. orang kata it's the year of twins sebab everyone (all our close friends anyway) are having twins this year. strange huh? i wonder what the scientific explanation is to twin season.

im actually jealous of my parents. they were very successful, but admittedly there were hardships during the way. masa kitorang makan fish & chips in the picture, sarah & amar were sliiiiiiighly misbehaving (not much). my parents cakap: when it was me & my brothers -- LAGI TERUK. i'll stop there before you guys learn how hyperactive we were when we were small. then my parents said: tapi tengok lah sekarang, semua turn out okay.

they were many moments during that fish & chips lunch when we were talking about tear inducing matters (especially when my father was talking about the moment azim called to say he passed dentistry) -- i was quick to change the subject before we start eating soggy fish & chips!!!