Sunday, July 09, 2006

Warning: This is a Rant

To all expecting an update: I deeply apologise for this much delayed one. I actually didn't realise some people were expecting an update until a phonecall I received tonight;) Anyway, thanks for the reminder for me to update relatively regularly.

The reason behind this lethargy in updating the blog are many-fold. The main one being: my main computer and especially the Firefox on my main computer has become FUBAR. The computer would suddenly shut-down at random intervals and I've learnt that either CPU, RAM chip or hard disk problems could cause this. This morning I've resorted to cleaning (dusting and vacuuming) the innards of my computer and so far, the problem has not persisted. As for Firefox, the problem still plagues me. For some reason, Firefox stutters all the way from start-up and opening web pages are akin to seeing a Sumo wrestler doing a 100 metre sprint (i.e very slowly). So, for several days now I have been using Opera as the replacement web browser.

Now, to my second point. Opera in itself is an excellent browser. Compared to IE, it's a superb browser. Compared to Firefox though, it's nothing! How I miss all my lovely and lovingly installed extensions:, Performancing, the drag-and-drop tool and Google preview. Without which, my blogging performance has significantly dipped. Infact, I gave up altogether. Thank goodness for the Vaio; with which I am currently indulging in my (currently 5th) favourite hobby.

Which brings me to another point: what have I been doing instead? Well, mostly "resting". The recent travels around Northern Ireland has been extremely tiring (try carrying a 2 year old for hours on end) and come Monday, I'm resuming work. And by "resting" I meant: reading, finishing watching Anime, EATING (<-- the size represents the volume) and generally lounging. Here's the weekly summary:

Eyeshield 21 manga
Last book of the Earthsea Quartet (yup I'm still reading this book!!! at a pace of 10 pages per day, hehehe)
Alot about SUSE Linux

(Movie) Over the Hedge
(Anime) Black Cat
(Anime) Fate Stay Night

Nambarie tea, an Irish blend favoured by my brother. My thoughts: average, I prefer Taylor's of Harrogate

Oh, and what's the significance of all the pictures I hear you ask? Nothing, to be honest. Just a few pictures I took today while visiting the local park :)

Later! Good night everyone.

any help or suggestions on how to fix my PC and Firefox are MOST welcome. Oh, and I've tried reinstalling Firefox but it still stutters.

please don't suggest re-formatting the computer, that's not funny!!


I've finally fixed my Firefox. The culprit: the sessionsaver extension, the extension that saves the state of Firefox at shutdown. I uninstalled all extensions one by one until Firefox worked again, and after uninstalling sessionsaver, everthing worked back to normal. Yes!


orangkilang said...

I was about to suggest buying a new comoputer instead... a really mind blowingly powerful computer that will go obsolete the milisecond money changes hands...

mynn said...

hehehe I've thought of that o-k, i've even imagined the specs of my next to-be computer! this computer i'd turn into a dedicated Linux box.

However, all seems okay now. thank goodness my wallet is safe.

nnydd said...

Mynn the Geek (;), take it as a compliment ye),

what is a FUBAR?

mynn said...

FUBAR, cuba google kan. hehehe.

hey look who's talking!!!

mynn said...

anyone nak tolong nydd?

mynn said...

anyone nak tolong nydd re: meaning of fubar? (im looking at you O-K)

orangkilang said...

Watch saving private ryan...