Sunday, July 23, 2006

Video of the Week: Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K

Thanks Auntie De for this video:

I'll try to explain to my readers who are not from Malaysia. The video is about a popular, young singer in Malaysia - Siti Nurhaliza. Think the equivalent of Britney Spears in America, if you will. Malaysia is currently rife with news about her as she is finally getting married (therefore breaking the hearts of millions of her young [and don't forget old, err "matured?"]) fans. The video is a song of disappointment.

The lyrics (thank you kindly DITH):

Datuk K, K, K,
Kau nak kawin dgn Siti,
Kau dah potong jln kami,
Ini tak boleh jadi,
Kau memang tak sedar diri.

Dulu Siti kata,
Dia tak kisah siapa laki,
Asalkan dia seornag yg baik hati,
Tapi Siti sekrang dah mungkir janji,
Nak kawin dgn Datuk, duda pulak tu lagi!

Aahhh...Datuk K...

It's funny!

Siti Nurhaliza is getting married to a "Dato" which is a title for someone of high status or importance in Malaysia. Another translation for "Dato" is "Grandpa", which hints the age of the person she's marrying (which partly explains the reason why her fans are so upset!)


dr in the house said...

For all you know this video might beat even Siti's own song clips!!

..hmm...Datuk K, K, K, KKK...see...I'm humming the tune already! hahah

Mama Sarah said...

aduh, i tak tahu kenapa i masih terketawa dengar depa ni nyanyi lagu siti n dato k ni. i wonder apa siti rasa dengar lagu ni.

at the moment, Sarah sibuk tanya "apa anyum, mama?" (kenapa senyum mama?)

yealah, mama dia macam kerang busuk, sengeh sorang2.

crimsonskye said...

Muahahahaa... the is the first time I've snorted in laughter over a video clip!

orangkilang said...

tak tahan dgr backup vocals dia.. hehehe.. lepas tu ada bridge tu... hehehe.. Blunai.. hehe also lyrics tak siap.. haha.. dah dload masuk hard disk!

crimsonskye said...

OK: how do you download youtube videos to the hard disk?

mynn said...

i was about to ask the same: macamana nak download youtube videos dude?

hehehe, that's one upset fan eh? nice song, melancholically sang. infact the song is playing over and over in my head.

that guy should release a single! bet it'd sell.

OK said...

go to firefox dload dia nyer extension... it saves the video in flv mode though hehehhe

Uncle De said...

....or try

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