Thursday, July 20, 2006

Next Few Weeks

My parents visit to the UK has come to an end, and this morning at 6 they took the bus to Heathrow, then the airplane back to Malaysia. I hope it has been a visit they enjoyed but above all, I am sure they were very proud to see my brother Azim's graduation in Belfast.

I have enjoyed myself as well the past few weeks with the almost endless places we visited, especially when my stay in the UK may well end soon. It has been relaxing and fun to be off work for what seemed to be a long time indeed, but (un?/)fortunately that ends tonight, as I am starting nights at 9pm. In fact, I'll be driving to work in just a couple of hours time. Urgh, one of the most horrible things in life is restarting work after a long holiday, mark my words!

After finishing my week of nights oncall, I only have 2 days left to spend with my friends at work before we go our separate ways and I say that with a lump on my throat and a heavy feeling in my chest. It has been truly fun working where I am working at the moment, but I'll save that speech for much later.

At this point I'll do my weekly "what's been happening" summary (and mini reviews):

  • (Anime) Gun X Sword. I fully recommend this anime to all. The anime is beautifully conceptualised, and wonderfully animated. The design of all the characters and mechs are wonderful. Rating: 4/5.
  • (Anime) Black Cat. I love this anime and recommend it as well. It's about a group of bounty hunters, each character has their own unique skills. It's also very funny. Rating 3.5/5.
  • (Anime) Tsubasa Chronicles Season 2 - A favourite of mine, introduced by my sister. It's not yet complete but I absolutely love season 1. No rating yet, as it's not yet complete.

  • (Manga) Eyeshield 21. RECOMMENDED!!! I'm starting to really like American Football since reading this manga. Can't wait for the following chapters, quick!
  • (Book) Howl's Moving Castle, Dyanna Wynn Jones - I've just got this book! Can't wait to sink myself into it.
  • (Book) The Life of Pi - Can't wait to read this book either. If the oncalls are not too busy, I'll be reading this book between calls ;)

  • Err, nothing new. Anymore recommendations Ayumi?

Can't Wait For
  • Pixar's "Cars" - coming out at the cinemas on the 28th of July. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

  • Watching trailers of future movies, I am interested to see:
  • My Super Ex-Girlfriend
  • Lady in the Water (a horrow Movie by Night M Shimalayan)
  • Nacho Libre, Jack Black rocks!


dr in the house said...

Nothing to comment except that I like the lotus bud pic!

ayumi said...


Recommendations?? Hm.. let's see...

1. Mr. Children's latest single, "Houki Boshi". Watch the PV as well. REALLY cute.

2. Bump of Chicken - Supernova (really nice. Check out the translations as well.)

3. Def Tech - Catch The Wave

4. High & Mighty Color - Run Run Run

5. Ikimono Gakari - Sakura (they sung Bleach's OP, "Hanabi".)

6. Ketsumeishi - Sakura (the video is nice too..)

7. Kuwata Keisuke - Tsuki

8. Southern All-Stars - Tsunami (a classic! They're one of those legendary groups in Japan, like Mr. Children).

9. Sugita Kaoru - Tori no Uta (classic song. Very karaoke-able)

10. Nakashima Mika - Oborozukiyo~Inori (I replayed this song for so many times. It's very beautiful, with the violin and everything)

11. YUI for Amane Kaoru - Good-bye Days

..And perhaps you'd like to try some music from SPITZ? I love their songs.

Haha. Long list there!

crimsonskye said...

So how do you find Life of Pi so far? I remember someone who dislikes the book partially because of Pi's unconventional outlook on the animals kept in captivity in the zoo :P

mynn said...

hehehe, thanks dith -- i think you're my number 1 commenter on his blog. you know what dith, i didnt even know that was a lotus bud, i just snapped the picture oblivious to what it is! i'll shut up now before i bore you with photographic details (which i was actually tempted to spew).

ayumi chan
satsuga ayumi chan, arigatou. recently i've been watching the anime Honey & Clover (season 1). I recommend both the anime & the soundtrack! it's about a group of college students, it's probably a love story - and it's really funny.

:) finally i got a hold of life of pi!! (muahaha) however, i haven't started reading the book yet - i was planning to start reading Howl's Moving Castle first ... i'll tell you what i think about Life of Pi as soon as i finish reading it. if you're looking for a book to read: have you tried earthsea chronicles? insya allah i'll post a review of the book soon on the blog. the book is beautifully written.

ayumi said...

Salaam Mynn..

I already watched that anime. I LOVE it! The soundtrack mainly consists of songs by Spitz and Suga Shikao.. who are both my favorite artists :)

mynn said...

sekarang dah start ada season 2 of Honey & Clover, i cant wait to finish season one!

mynn said...

sekarang dah start ada season 2 of Honey & Clover, i cant wait to finish season one!

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