Monday, July 17, 2006

Nostalgic Weekend in Nottingham: Primer

We have just returned from quite a tiring weekend in Nottingham. Too... tired... to... update... blog....! Instead, here's one (heavily GIMPed) picture as a substitute. Hopefully more picture updates tomorrow morning.

Speaking of tomorrow morning, I may be left alone with the two kids as MS and my parents are all heading for London, unfortunately for business this time. My parents have kindly offered to stay and help me look after the kids.

They don't trust me much eh?

We had a fantastic weekend. Especially at Wagamama with Auntie De buying all of us lunch. MMMM the Amai Udon was FANTASTIC. Drools~

Thanks Auntie De for a wonderful lunch indeed!

This is how Uncle De eats with kids. Picture: The sublime Amai Udon


hiyoshi said...

I wonder if the little one is getting anything out of Uncle De.

mynn said...

hehehe, uncle de is covering his face to hide the fact that he's eating ALL the udon. Poor Emyr!

ayumi said...

The amai udon just looks so oishii!

mynn said...

honto ni, ano udon wa totemo oishikatta desu. ah, mata tabetai.

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