Sunday, July 09, 2006

I need one of these : A keyboard food tray, ha!

Another one of those cool inventions I just have to have or make for myself. Clever! Then again, a cup of water near the CPU or keyboard with 2 little hyperactive kids running around is probably not that safe.

Via Gizmodo


dr in the house said...


Only yesterday my sis showed a list of pics of these 'cool' inventions. One of it is a double 'breasted' cups full of milk gear which is worn by men who wants to breast feed their babies...hehe...perhaps you can combine these 2 inventions you can breast-feed your babies and use the PC as well...hahah

mynn said...

haha, tergelak baca DITH punya comment! what a good idea ... LOL. another good invention would be a computer desk seat which doubles as a WC. hehehe.

mama sarah said...

eleh! tadi nak change Amar pun tak reti. ni ada hati nak breastfeed.

mynn said...

bukan tak reti dari segi teknik, tak reti sebab dia suka struggle2 masa i nak pakaikan nappy lah.

pycnogenol said...

In other words, Mynn tak reti teknik to stop them from struggling lah.

Masa anak-anak Pycno kecil dulu, Pycno tahu SEGALA teknik untuk mengelak memakaikan nappy pada budak-budak...;))

kenakelayan said...

:D I think nak menukar nappy for baby boys would be more challenging than for baby girls.

As for the food tray invention, it wouldn't work for me as my hands would feel claustrophobic.

Eh last night I watched a bit of Equilibrium and the gun kata. Cool gaks. Cuma my tv buat hal and pelakonnye semua mumbling so tak tahu hujung pangkal citer.

mynn said...

Equilibrium best lah jugak, unfortunately it's one of those looong dialogued ones where sound is crucial (sparsely interspersed with action), hehehe. most may find it boring, but i enjoyed it.

hahaha, i have certain techniques, tapi not all of them effective. kena tukar2 notes ni (?pakcik -- joking!!) pycno.

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