Sunday, July 30, 2006

Visit to Kenilworth Castle

Yesterday we went to Kenilworth Castle, which is not far from here at all (around 15 minutes away, see how convenient the location of our place is?). I know it's a blatant rip-off of Naja's goodbye video-clip, but I decided to make one of my own. I was thinking of making a tabblo again, but I thought I'd try something new. Video editing used to be a hobby of mine, and Naja re-sparked that interest (oh no).

  • Edited using Windows Movie Maker 2, the software that comes free with Windows XP. [See under All Applications -> Accessories].
  • Today I was having a bad hair day ;(;(
  • Despite that, today I was putting to practise what I've read on How to be more photogenic (you know: take a deep breath, relax, extend the neck & turn to your best side). Haha! It'd be 10 more years of practice before I'd be as good as Sarah.
  • My friend used to always say: "Mynn, you always say you're having a bad hair day, but to me your hair looks the same everyday!".
  • I hope (s)he didn't mean my hair is messed up everyday;(
  • Leos take good pride of their hair.
  • I'm not a Leo.
  • The song is Mahou no Kotoba.
  • For a less shallow account of our travels today, read Puan Mama Sarah's blog.


nnydd said...

Wah, Kenilworth Castle! When I was living in Warwickshire, I always wanted to visit this castle, and the one near Tamworth, and other small English castles in the county or in neighouring counties. But as then, as now, I was always poke-eye. Armchair traveller pun, armchair traveller lah.

ps Mynn: tak tidur ye?

mynn said...

tak boleh tidur lah, lepas buat nights oncall. lagipun tunggu sembahyang subuh. hehehe.

Mama Sarah said...

eiii melampau lah!!! tak bagi chance langsung kat i buat entry dulu!! rip off! rip off!

nnydd said...

Mynn, ana pon malam ni x leh tidur. Banyak keje wooo.

Mynn & PMS, esok adik2 sini buat BBQ. For the first time in my memory, the annual Farewell BBQ is not at Cosmeston. Keje aside, ana pon x sure nak gi ke tidak being the only old school left...

ps: Bila nak turun Cosmeston?

Mama Sarah said...

ya syeikh, kekasih mana yang diingati sehingga tak boleh tidur tu?

yang lelaki ke yang perempuan?

nnydd said...


f.mohamed said...

contagious rupanye penyakit 'takleh tido' tu...same here sebab kena 'heart attack' mlm td when I read nnydd's msgs...

tips: Read istighfar Rejab, also known as Raja Istighfar or Sayyidul Istighfar as given by nnydd in his AA's blog...related by Sayyidina Ali (May Allah ennoble his face)

we r in Rejab month my dear...

mynn said...

eff (aka f.mohamed)
welcome! glad you're finally able to leave comments.

is it just me or does your antenna detect something as well? Guys?

bestnya picnic kat cosmeston eh? bestnya ....

OK said...

muahaha,,, aku laks... cant keep my eyes open... penat.. mapeh.. exhausted... so tido macam apa...

plant dah start... running at 90 plus plus... but need to push to 100 slowly... hehehe..

Also weekend ni cadangnya nak BBQ or enjoy somewhere.. guys only... so lotsa wild things involved such as

a) visit to zoo
b) pergi makan lewat mlm (max kul 10pm)
c) tgk wayang SG 18! Wow!

Hehehe... kerja2 ganas ni possible sebab kita semua above 21 and all are weekend husbands... or in my case annual husband

p/s - also not a leo.... cheh...

mynn said...

(i still havent slept)

kat malaysia wayang SG18 means what? you know what, despite increasing in age I havent watched an 18 movie for a long while - years maybe. instead, banyak tengok cartoons like pixar, disney & dreamworks. Probably because dah ada anak2 kecik...

paling tinggi pun 15.

having said that, kat UK ni 15 dah boleh ada nudity and swear words.

sounds like a good plan o-k ... especially makan lewat malam tu. if only kat sini ada kedai bukak after 5pm*.

Note to those who don't know:
kat UK ni, most shops close at 5pm. except 24 hours tesco. but tesco is just a big convenience store in the UK. in malaysia tesco has everything - pizza hut, kfc, PC shop, games etc2222. here tesco is tesco.

What that means is, after 5pm, there's usually not much to do (for us that is, the locals go to their pubs).

fm said...

"The Arabs are different. Even for the word 'love', they have 'hubb' and 'wudd', (have you heard muhabbah and muwaddah?) with subtle differences in meaning between the two"

what i could remember from what Syeikh Abdul Aziz mentioned in one of our mawlid gathering:

3-related meanings that cud be derived from 'hubb'

1.the root word "hubb"- love, passion, and when one have that love.. tend to "habba"- to endow with (sth) to someone/sth
3.n another version i.e "habbah"- it means 'seed', and Syeikh said we must 'seed' the 'hubb' in everyone's heart towards Rasulullah SAW, since the age of 'Amar/Sarah' (ini Syeikh tak sebutlaa..:-)....he said that in explaining the significant of mawlid...masyaAllah

One of Allah's attibutes i.e
Al-Wahhab (also from 'hubb')- The Bestower carry the similar meaning to that of 2 above.

as for 'wudd'..I only know that Allah is Al-Wadud (The Loving), no loves in this world can challenge His Love to His believing slaves who love Him.

as for 'oud wood'...ini boleh tanye KKL...her favorite perfume oil...boleh buat 'minyak pengasih' :-) as to 'imprint' the 'wudd' onto 'oud wood'

OK said...

Hahaha.. good explaination for the Arab words.. kalau kat sekolah dulu macam ni explain okaylah.. ini aku fail arab man... since it was just pointless hafalan.. I prefer with context... easier for me to remember..That is why we pick up words faster with friends as they are spoken in context...

As to 18 in malaysia.. sama macam 12 in uk kot.. no nudity, no swearing, no violence, no pigs etc.. hehehe... i think batman dapat 18 kot... entah

The list of things were more of a joke to signal how old we have become... bukan macam budak2 muda yang makan pukul 2-3 pagi.. sampai kul sepuluh dah penat.. hahahaa... I mean zoo??!!! Seriously... 3-4 guys going to the zoo together??? Hmmm nasib baik I did not put up the statement of loving too many men to love any women.... :)) If I did lain lak bunyinya... Kalau orang lain bunyi elok jer.... sigh

dr in the house said...

Sorry to butt in boys!


Serious nak pergi Zoo? And which species of the animal kingdom are you missing so much that warrants this visit??

KKL- :p

fm said...

OK - species 'tiger wudd' aka homo sapiens..kan? :-))

KKL- making 'kuih ketayap' just now..nak tak? ada anak member nk makan

the only species kuih that i'm craving to eat is keropok lekor tjg lumpur...

DITH - I heard DWW has been sending out their team to assess situation in Rafah, Gaza n nearby areas. Just out of curiosity- do ur hubby's team co-operate with any other voluntary gp? if not mistaken, Kuantan-branch of MERCY M'sia is quite active..(actualy, i'm not sure which gp ur hubby is working with) :-) mercy?

dr in the house said...


My hubby is a volunteer for Global Peace Mission not Mercy.

Keropok Lekor Tjg Lumpur eh? Must be keropok Hafisah which I have long ago avoided because of an incident I observed at the gerai..:p

FM org Kuantan ke?

fm said...

DITH- how do u define 'org Ktn'?...MCQ A)beranak di Ktn B)diberanakkan di Ktn C)bekerja di Ktn D)singgah sebentar di Ktn (beli keropok lekur) E)parents menetap di Ktn :-)

Have a blessed day!

orangkilang said...

Or f) kahwin ngan org yang kerja kat kuantan....

mynn said...

man! gelak giler baca your comment: "Seriously... 3-4 guys going to the zoo together??? Hmmm nasib baik I did not put up the statement of loving too many men to love any women.... :)) If I did lain lak bunyinya... Kalau orang lain bunyi elok jer.... sigh"

i hope the "butt in" wasn't an intended pun

haha, you have a sense of humour jugak rupanya, LOL Tiger Wudd aka homo sapiens.

I blame you for all the above jokes

nnydd said...

Blaming me?

Anyway Mynn and PMS, as we did not go to Cosmeston, we ended up not having any BBQ. Rice and some meaty stuffs. You know what did they give me: camping torch light!I am not that tech-obsessed, definitely!

kenakelayan said...

:D Tu lah Nnydd kan dah kena tulah!

Malam ni ramai2 baca doa untuk orang Lebanon. I mean ramai org baca either in gorups or seperately malam ni. Kalau orang Malaysia terbaca this message, bacalah doa jugak ye. Seram jugak doanya tadi.

450x hasbunallah wa ni'mal wakiil.

1x Surah as Saff

And kalau nak, Hizb Nasr. (bukan Dua Nasiri Tawel ye, lain).

dr in the house said...


My humble definition of org Kuantan would either be someone who were born here, used to live here and has intentions of settling back here...kalau setakat singgah makan keropok lekor, you dont qualify!

I was not born or raised here but since I have lived a substantial part of my life here and insyallah for the rest of it , so I have 'nobat' myself as an org Kuantan.

nnydd said...

Rereading the above comments I think one correction is in order since it misleads the meaning of the Sacred Name.

al-Wahhab does not have its root with hubb. The difference is clear since the first has 'Ha bulat', while the second has 'Ha pedas'. al-Wahhab read literally means 'the Generous Giver', but the real meaning (ma'na haqiqiyya) is 'the Generous One who gives without being asked to give.'

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