Friday, July 14, 2006

The City We're Staying In

Just a quick update this time I'm afraid. Yup, my parents are back in England and as per previously planned, we left my parents to explore the city we're staying in almost towards the end of their visit.

This place is popular for its cathedral(s).

A few days ago during lunch time I was talking with my friends at work about the city I'm staying in. Upon asked "Is C******* worth the visit?", I answered "You're not missing anything by not visiting C*******! It has nothing."

I thought these flowers looked like fireworks
Having said that, there are beautiful sights to be found here, as you could probably see. The thing I like best about this place is how we could go EVERYWHERE important within 1-2 hours. London is 2 hours, Birmingham is half-an-hour, work is 44 minutes, Nottingham is 1 hour and Wrexham is 1.5 hours. Convenient eh?

In front of the local university
Another thing I like about this place is: we have excellent neighbours. They are friendly, and would always bring us presents and delicious food :)

The Canal Basin
Tesco is also only 2 minutes away, although it's always crowded.

The Canal, you could travel to Birmingham using this

There's also a Halal Nandos :) Our favourite family restaurant.

The cathedrals are beautiful

Yup, we'll miss this place when we leave ...


pycnogenol said...

Oh believe me Mynn, you're gonna miss the place.

You'll be back soon enough to visit the very place not worth visiting. ;)

OK said...

I rarely attach emotions to places, just people. I remember missing going back to my kampung, but after the passing away of my grandmother the Great Matriach, it was never the same. I have not been back since her funeral.

My memories of London is a mixed bag. I hated my time there because I was so far away from my mother who was ill and my family. But i did have many good friends that made life great, especially Muhaimin and Co in Cardiff as well as my good buddy Ustaz, Nik, Acap and my housemates.

So coming back I don't miss London that much, I do miss some of the conveniences like supermarket and books and stuff but those are just material things that we soon grow out of. What I do miss is the close knitness of the friendship we all shared when we were there. Now we live so far apart from each other that we miss the small chat and times drinking tea and coffee. But the best thing is when we do meet up it usually feels as if we never left.

mynn said...

sorry for this late reply guys, but we were in nottingham the whole weekend visiting lots of places (more on that soon).

i tried to reply to comments on the blog using my mobile but unfortunately it didnt want to register, oh well.

Pycno, joking on the blog aside, Im sure I'll miss the UK. the place i miss most is cardiff - it was such a nice place to study and live.

seriously, our student times were the best times (apart from being poor, hehehe) it was great visiting london once in a while and being treated to so much food & go on our gaming & anime marathons. those were really the good days....

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