Monday, July 17, 2006

Nostalgic Visit to Nottingham

As previously hinted in the primer, the visit to Nottingham brought back many memories to my parents. Nottingham was the place they studied at and the place they met. My father studied at the People's College which is opposite the Robin Hood statue in the picture, almost at the town centre. My mother studied at what was then called Westbridgeford College - right accross town. Now the college is called the South Nottingham College.

I couldn't help feeling a bit eerie visiting Nottingham where my parents previously met - I owe Nottingham my very existence!

They say life is a cycle: Speaking of nostalgia, I also went to college in England. Here to be exact. I studied medicine at the very hospital I was born in, and graduated from the same University as my father; both of us obtained our doctorate from the University of Wales. Sarah (my first-born) was also born in Cardiff as was I. Probably many years in the future MS & I would be visiting our nostalgic places with an adult Sarah. Eerie.

Epsom College where I did my A-Levels


orangkilang said...

The father becomes the son, the son becomes the father.... for this I send them you... son... You will see through my eyes as I see through yours... muahahaha..

mynn said...

i wanted to watch superman tonight, but unfortunately the last show is at 930pm, way before the kids' bedtimes. probably i'll see it tomrrow when my parents are in london.

oh btw, nisak is in london right now, and this afternoon she met up with KKL. dengarnya makan kat Mawar the two. sampai hajat nak belanja KKL.

kenakelayan said...

:D Kenyang dan sedap Nisak belanja, arigatou gozaimasu! And catching up was fantastic. I hope we can meet up more often!

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