Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thanks for the memories

Another package arrived today, only a tiny one

It's the compact flash memory card. I got it very cheap on eBay. It's 2 Gb, but unfortunately (according to Uncle De) it's very slow as well ;( hu... probably I should have spent slightly more for a faster one, eh? I wouldn't have mind spending slightly more as I know I'd be using the card for years to come. Oh well ... (however, some studies has shown that a faster memory card doesn't really make all that much of a difference, I don't know)

ps. The memory card is here, but where's the *bleep* camera??

On a more cheery note, Borakphoto has come up with another assignment entitled "Salam Ramadhan". What an appropriate topic eh? The cool thing ladies and gentlemen, is that Borakphoto's assignments are open to public. The rules are simple really:
  1. Anyone could submit a photo, and the photo could be taken using "any kind of camera" ; point and shoot or SLRs. (mobile?)
  2. To submit, just put a link to your contribution in the comment box.
  3. If you submit three or more assignments, you're automatically promoted to a member, and a link to your site would be placed on borakphoto's sidebar.

The assignment has really got my brain spinning and storming for ideas. Pity in this country there are not many beautiful mosques as in Malaysia ;(

I would really2 like to encourage my blog readers - especially those who are even remotely interested in photography- to submit photos as well, especially YOU GUYS : O-K (&KKL), Uncle De, Ikelah <- (show em how it's done Ikelah!), Moby, Dyanna, Xitayx, and ?Pycno? I would really like to see how you guys would interpret the assignment. Let's work on it guys! -Mynn is in brainstorm mode- (but tomorrow in weekend-oncall mode, again!) ;(


alynnsaripuddin said...

woaahh 2gb SD card? :O coooool.
again, love what u wrote here. u explained abt Borakphoto in such a way that i just wish i can write like u! :D
keep on thinking abt how to tackle the assignment ;) cant wait to see ur outcomes.
take care.

mynn said...

argh (<- a greeting in some cultures), welcome to my humble blog, the boss of borakphoto herself. still waiting for my proper camera alynn, in the meantime i'll just post photos from my trusted Sony.

btw, you're studying in Oxford right? I've been so wanting to see pictures of Oxford from your point-of-view ... (especially because Oxford is such a beautiful place). if you have any, do post me the link :)

mynn said...

I've ONLY RECENTLY visited Oxford. wish i studied there.

alynnsaripuddin said...

hehe i guess ure online at the moment. thanks for the reply.
fyi im not the boss of borakphoto hehe.
i used Sony DSC-T3 before i bought Yume (d50) and i looooved the results. now that i have Yume its a lil different hehe. cant wait to see ur 400d :)
wow, u were in oxford?? u shd have told me! we could meet up :D im studying at oxford brookes uni, 2nd yr architecture student :) will try to capture oxford, there are so many things to shoot! just went for punting this evening with my hsmates. maybe will upload the photos once i manage to edit n upload my paris photos :D
where in england r u?
btw just saw my link at ur blog :O tq! was a lil bit surprised. feel so honoured :)
till next time.
take care.

mynn said...

at times i am coincidentally online with fellow readers, such as tonight. sorry i thought you were the boss of borakphoto since you seem to organise much of the events.

2. you call your D50 Yume? LOL. appropriate name for a device that could capture dreams ...

3. we were in Oxford only several weeks ago, actually. if you scour this blog carefully (hint - sidebar) you'll find a link to a gallery with our pictures in oxford. I've been to Cambridge too.

4. I knew some of you guys are architecture students, i knew it!!!

5. looking forward to your pictures in paris, actually I'm kinda arranging a trip there as well (whoops, tht was supposed to be a secret).

6. we're in Coventry <- near Warwick, Birmingham, Nottingham. It's near to everywhere really.

7. I got to find me a name for the 400D once it arrives too. a Japanese name too!

Uncle De said...

That card is fast enough la....

too bad the camera isnt fast enough...i mean the delivery. mesti dah tak sabar sabar...haha.

mynn said...

ye ke fast enough uncle de? I hope so. i tried transferring a movie file onto the compact flash - sama macam SD je speed dia. playback of the videofile from compact flash went without a hitch, smooth.

also kan uncle de, today I ALMOST cancelled the order on and instead make an order kat <- or something like that. price is similar (7 pounds je beza). dah keluarkan credit card dah -- that time i was at work. tapi unfortunately ada patient sakit, so terpaksa tangguh.

as soon as i got back home to make the order, tengok2 kat cameras2u pun dah habis stock!!!!!!!! otherwise, i could have gotten the camera by monday! huuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Uncle De said...


mynn said...

uncle de
dude read this. the customer services is rated as horrible.

i bought the vaio from ebuyer -- and goddamit ebuyer was also horrible. serik dah beli from unknown internet shops such as those.

shops to avoid:
1. ebuyer
2. computerplanet

mynn said... <-- very high rating and satisfaction rate.

dr in the house or tabibah fi al bait (given by Hiyoshi) said...


Olehkerana nama saya tidak disenarai sama dalam orang2 yg dijemput menyertai assignment foto ini, saya menjemput diri saya dgn tidak malunya.

Untuk nilai estetik yg lebih tinggi saya akan gunakan pin-hole camera saya yang akan menghasilkan gambar hitam putih semulajadi paling authentic seadanya!

nnydd said...

apa kata cuba mengambil gambar anak bulan ramadhan. berniat keluar untuk melihat anak bulan ramadhan itu fardhu hukumnya... bagi yang lelaki.

Ikelah said...

hey Abu Al Kamera (hope the arabic is right for dad of AL Kamera). nak test laju atau tidak hantar sini, let me test it with my camera. you will know the different when the camera writes in the card especially in RAW. nowaday, the dslrs have good buffers that will not stall the camera operation. i still have my coolpix 5700 that will in a pause when writing in RAW which can be minimised with a fast memory card. ;)

and i agree with uncle de, you just have a fast card, what about the camera. sekarang dah post date, jangan post term untuk kelahiran al Kamera(name mentioned by mama sarah). hahaha...

as for the assignment, entah lah mynn. semalam baru saja ada pelung snap gambar matahari yang agak baik tetapi terlewat kerana menghantar anak anak ke sekolah. sun not suitable for salam ramadhan as moon is more appriopiate.

again... bersabarlah.... ;)

Ikelah said...

another thing, baru baca mail tu 2 days ago and dah reply... thousand apologies... tak perasan sebab kena spam and download slow due to our connection problem. as i was scrolling down deleting, baru nampak.

Uncle De said...

tah, over here reviews are quite ok plak

anyway kalau boleh its better to stick. give play a call/email...ask them bila expect delivery

mynn said...

sorryyyyyyyyyy dith, but i assumed ikelah & your effort are one and the same - berpakat menghasilkan kandungan yang dinamik (LOL). i listed KKL and o-k separately as they are in different countries, so they could produce separate entries.
(but i LAUGHED reading your comment!)

who i did forget to mention was Nnnydd - nnydd, salam ramadhan cuzz, you should try it too.

cuzz, to take a picture of the moon you need a loooooooooon zoom lens (the longest you could get) then apply multipliers for the zoom. it's practically like using a telescope. i don't have that kind of equiptment lah nnydd. but i did thought of that -- masjid kat coventry ni, at night, with a moon in cresent. <- would symbolise ramadhan right?

i suppose you are right, you do need a fast card when there's a lot of data to write. the assignment lambat lagi tarikh tutup, so you still got time :) oh, however, uploading a picture over dialup may take several years ................. :p

uncle de -- i'll write them a letter lah tanya when they're expecting delivery.

ok readers, i'm off to another oncall weekend. kawan PMS (a blogger too) datang tonight, with three small kids, so sarah and amar would surely enjoy their company.

i'm not living at the hospital anymore nowadays so i'll be back LATE tonight :) later gang.

Dyanna said...

I accept the challenge.. to find a subject... and time... and a location...

nnydd said...

cuzz, there are plenty beautiful mosques here actually. my best is the green-domed one by the bay. you remember?

mynn said...

memang betul, tapi mana nak sama dengan masjid kat malaysia. coventry ni ada jgk masjid & birmingham ada yang besar.

cayalah che ya. i knew you'd be interested, i thought so! looking forward to see your work, as for me - i'm stuck with my oncall ;(

alynnsaripuddin said...

taraa updated my paris photos :D feel free to have a look (its a loooong scroll down though hehe).
yay, name ur camera! its a trend now hehehe, at least i think so. so u speak nihongo?
owhh coventry, not far then hehe.
till next time.

mynn said...

hai, nihongo o sukoshi wakarimasu soshite sukoshi hanasemasu :) nihongo wa watashi no shumi desu!

yourself also, in the Japanese club i saw in your fotopage.

i've seen your paris pictures -- really nice. i particularly like the photo of Waterloo station & the ceiling in the louvre -- tsk, tssk, no photos allowed in there.

i started typing a comment but had to run to see a patient...

alynnsaripuddin said...

aah sodesuka. sugoi ne :D watashi wa tokyo de san nen kan gurai sundeimashita. and yes, im in the committee of nihon bunka kouryuukai. they offered me the position so kinda a waste to not accept it.
yeah no photos allowed, 'tebal muka' throughout the visit huhu. i mean, its not like i get to visit the musee everyday or sumthing. i need to record some of it. rite? :-S
thank u for ur comment :) truly appreciate it.

mynn said...

oh wow, you lived in tokyo for 3 years. ive been checking previous entries in your fotopages and no wonder kimi no nihongo ga totemo jyozu desu.

you know what - the Japan society is SO what i would have joined if there was one in my university.

i actually go through most of the fotopages by borakphoto members, but seriously, i'm still shy to leave comments - you guys are all so good :T i am getting lots of ideas though.

keep making the excellent entries, and i'll be hoarding them like an ant :D