Monday, September 18, 2006

Interesting (to me) Links

Firstly, I'd like to apologise to readers who finds stuff like this boring. Okay, on with the post ...

1. I found a great link to Mathematical Jokes on Wikipedia. There are many on the page, but here's an excerpt:
One such example is calculator spelling, words and phrases formed by entering a number and turning the calculator upside down. Due to their crudeness and relative simplicity (requiring only basic calculator skills to achieve), they are usually spread by schoolchildren. Often the words are accompanied by stories involving numbers that lead to the "final solution".


Christina Aguilera's breasts weigh 69 pounds (enter 69 into calculator), which is too, too, too much (enter 222, making 69222). So she went to 5th Street (enter 5, making 692225) to see her #1 doctor (enter 1, making 6922251) Dr. X (push the multiply button). After 8 surgeries (enter 8 then equals, giving 55378008) she was (turn the calculator upside down to reveal the calculator word) BOOBLESS.
--sorry about that one--
Most of the other jokes on the page are actually quite intelligent. Do visit the page and have a laugh would you?

2. If you are tech inclined or even if you're not, this is a great website to bookmark as your homepage: On the page are actually numerous links to breaking news of the day from various websites. The news varies from tech, global/world, entertainment and anything really collected from prestigious websites like googlenews, yahoonews,, digg and many more. Apart from news, what I really like is that the page also has a webcomic updated daily, interesting pictures on Flickr as well as videos of the day from youtube (among others). It really is an excellent one-stop page to all your favourite pages/news on the web. Do give it a go.

And lastly,

3. In my opinion the best, it's called Webaroo. Webaroo is a free 7mb utility you could download for free from What it could do is SAVE WEBSITES (including links of several depths) onto your computer for viewing offline. Not only that, the saved webpages are then searchable AND sync-able to your laptop, smartphone or PDA.

This would be an excellent solution for me when I'm staying away from home during oncalls (without internet access) or when I'm, for example, stuck in a caravan by the beach in Scotland. Cool eh?


Ikelah said...

let me be the first to comment since its 1/2 a day no comments yet. they know you are bored of the waiting and want to transmit it with the boring calculations to them.

just take a deep breath and imagine that you are actually holding al Kamera, i mean the 400d. if you cant do it, just read the manual that might be available in the net. you need to read the manual before using it.

kalau akad, orang tunggu kita, ini kta kena tunggu delivery yang dah postdate.

as for sharpening my photoshop skills, hadly lately as i m trying to finish the 24 hrs season 5. the weather here is not that suitable for outdoor photography. as modifying with photoshop, i m not into it, just some enhancement since i not set for enhancement (saturation, sharpness, contrast) when taking pictures. thats why i shoot RAW.

bersabar lah. ;)

OK said...

Spent time reading the jokes.. hehehe.. some are good.. some are groan inducing.. at least most of it is smart... ;)

I use to visit office joke sites hehehe.. just to pass the time.

mynn said...


other stuff for the camera dah sampai, camera je takde lagi! having said that, i dont mind waiting. currently reading various photography textbooks. You guys are right -- i should read the manual downloaded from the net.

ikelah big fan of 24 rupa2nya.

i know, some are groan inducing. the 55378008 joke is groan inducing, but to reduce the level of geekiness, i had to do that one as the excerpt.

hiyoshi said...

Definetely not kiddy material. If you had wanted a 55378008 woman, you could always have gone for....wait...Can't think of anybody -_-"

Priya Rajgopal said...

Just wanted to tell you that there's a new version of Webaroo now available.

You may want to try it out -"

For a quick download here is the link

Technocrati said...

Hi, Webaroo has released a new version of our product - Webaroo 2. This version lets you download YouTube videos, Flickr photos and more... Check it out at
Vishy - VP, Engg - Webaroo