Monday, September 25, 2006

The Journey Begins: Unboxing the Canon 400D

Finally, my camera has arrived today! It was delivered by Parcelforce at around 10am. It took 10 days to deliver from the promised date. However, being 25% cheaper than high street prices I am well satisfied with the purchase :)

Let's get on with the unboxing, shall we?

I was surprised that the Parcelforce box is small and light

The actual Canon package is wrapped in bubble wrapper. There's also an invoice from

The package (getting more excited.....)

The first layer inside the box contains the discs and instruction manuals (which I've already read way in advance thanks to the internet)

All the documentations and discs

More bubble wrap inside protecting the lens and camera body

Close up of the insides - you could already see the shape of the camera body, as well as cables for the charger.

Everything in the box laid out - manuals, discs, battery and cable, video cable, camera strap, camera body and kit lens.

It deserves another angle :)

Close up

The front of the Canon 400D. I was immediately impressed by how light it is yet it feels solid and well crafted.

The posterior side - notice the BIG 2.5 inch screen :)

How the camera and lens fits into the camera compartment of the Crumpler bag (plenty of space to spare for extra lenses -- ehem!--)

Close up of the 400D inside the Crumpler

This is my previous camera - a 3 megapixel Sony Cybershot. Fun memories indeed and it has served us very well. It's not the end for this camera though, I still see myself using it for adverse weather conditions/places or when I couldn't bother lugging a bigger camera around.
Can't wait to take a picture (the battery is still charging at the moment)


Uncle De said...

Congratulation on your new wife (sorry mama sarah)...haha

First photography tip from me...
guna la fill in flash.... can hardly see the detail of camera

OK said...

I told you that the camera will arrive at 9 or 10.. parcelforce.. hahaha

Congratulations.. I can already see the wrinkle lines....;)

Naja said...

bestnye camera tu. jeles2

mynn said...

uncle de
thanks. thanks for the fill in flash tip. hehehe.

sebenarnya lampu "studio" kitorang rosak today - so i had to make do with our bedside lamps. i also used flash on some of the pictures, but i decided not to pick those ones sebab glare teruk sangat ler... especially on the camera. so i put the underexposed one instead.

after camera dah sampai baru rasa SO tired after oncalls & tak tidur smalam. can't wait utk buka puasa.

Uncle De said...

photgraphy tip no 2....

guna tissue, paper or penutup tupperware yang frosted tu to diffuse the flash light so it wont be too harsh

Uncle De said...

We are all eagerly waiting for the first picture from the 400d

KKL said...

Yay yay! Congratulations...

*makes mental note to check back in 16 hours.. that's how long it takes for your camera to charge right? :D*

Ikelah said...

heheeh.... alhamdulillah sampai juga. :)

ini must be elated habis.....maklum 10 days post date.

di sini jauh beza harga nikon d80 berbanding canon 400d:
Nikon D80 Kit = RM 4400 / Canon 400D kit = RM 3150.

anyway...selamat mengambil gambar dengan dslr baru.

mynn said...

over here in the UK too, the D80 is significantly more expansive than the canon 400d. i wonder why so? is it much a better camera?

yay dah sampai! :)hehehe :) full charge 90 minutes je apparently ... but you're right about checking back in 16 hours, as i normally try to post once every day or so.

Uncle De
betul jugak pasal tissue tu, tak terfikir! instead i used my finger... d'uh.

about taking pictures with the 400D everyone, i feel greatly underwhelmed. it's almost like an anti-climax. i think it's not the machine because pictures taken with the 400D on flickr looks strikingly beautiful, most likely it's my technique but i am not able to get desired results with this beast at all:T not even on automatic mode. or was it the over cast skies today? hmm...

infact i feel ashamed to post most of the pictures i took during our outing today -- they're that bad! (not at all like the pictures i see on borakphoto, or flickr - huuu)

uncle de said probably it's the overcast skies... hmm i hope so.

anyway - look forward to posted pictures very soon :)

OK said...

ABout the price I think Canon is trying to win back the market it lost when the 30D came out.. essentially rhe D70 and D70s features were so much better than the D30 that was supposed to be higher end. What they did in the 30D was only did a few enhancements, whereas the D70 was a huge leap for Nikon.

So Canon went back to the drawing boards with the 400D, better sensors, new features and undercut the price. So I guess it is a volume game. Nikon is having problems as right now even after launching the D80, it is difficult to find the camera on the market. Even the lens is difficult. Hmmm.

As for the pictures, try the colour setting, saturation, ISO and white balance. Check the histogram. to do some adjustments.

The photos should be fine..Try inside the house first taking potraits


mynn said...

it's true lah o-k, canon are so good in terms of delivering products to the market. they promised end of september, but they delivered by mid-month: early.

entah lah o-k, when you brought your nikon d50 to our house I was IMMEDIATELY amazed at the picture improvements over our Sony point and shoot.

Using the canon today i exclaimed to nisak, Aik - macam guna mobile phone i je??

Oklah, that's abit harsh as the picture quality is of course an improvement of the Sony, but... not by leaps and bounds.

maybe i am extremely used to using the Sony but have yet to tame the 400D beast.

pycnogenol said...

Pesan 3 megapixel Sony Cybershot pada Mynn yang sedang 'berbulan madu':

Angin teluk menyisir pantai
Hanyut rumpai di bawah titi
Biarlah buruk kamera yang telah dipakai
Asal pandai mengambil hati....

dyanna said...


mynn said...

tak perlu jealous naja, be happy with your point and shoot - it's really good enough :)

when are you getting yours?

LOL.... cewah, berpantun2 pycno hari ni. i wanted to reply in pantun form as well, but it'd take me several hours to arrange! and here you are belting rhymes like there's no tomorrow - 3 pantuns already today:)

Anonymous said...

ouh so u bought 400D.

happy experimenting with it.