Thursday, September 14, 2006

Journey to Australia

My parents have just returned from Brisbane, Australia recently and here are some of their pictures during the visit:

My parents do seem to travel a lot. My mother has just returned from China, right after she visited us in the UK and just before she's whisked off to Australia.

Several days after they've returned, I just thought of something - The Crumpler bags I've SO wanted are made in Australia and is therefore 1. available 2. cheaper over there. Too bad, they've already returned when I had that thought! ARgh!!

I suppose, now that all my brothers and sister are either working or at university, and most of us are independent they finally have time to enjoy life and travel. Good for them!

My father also loves photography and has a (film) SLR. With all the travelling he does, especially that they don't have any small children to look after anymore, I've been thinking it'd be marvellous if my father buys a DSLR and take up the hobby once more. I'm sure his travels would yield interesting photos.


dr in the house said...


Compare your dad's pose to yours in the banner. What a striking semblance!

izhal said...

ahhhh now everything is making sense!!!! thats your parents :) you take after your father a lot and thats why i was confused... ahhh... the world has stopped spinning now heheh...

syok la travelling around the globe... im sure their passport books have been changed many times :)

so, i bet your father just points and shoot nowdays right??? same with my old man... he got 2 SLRs Nikon and Pentax, film that is... i offered to get him a D50 as a present coz its cheap but he refuses... he just uses a cute olympus girly camera now... i fear that one day, the both of us would finally turn into point and shooter like our old men...

mynn said...

haha - i've just realised that myself. another thing similar is: both of us wear formal-ish clothes while travelling.

exactly - my father has been saying he's changed to a P-n-Shooter because a PnS is much more convenient to carry around. but i've been thinking because he has more time on his hands now and he doesnt have any small kids he has time to re-start his hobby. Ne?

btw izhal - i've been exploring around your blog, and i love the links on your page. especially othe r photography blogs/pages. do you also have a photo blog/page?

mynn said...

itchy pose ke?

Naja said...

I wish I can be like them when the time comes. Pergi je mane2, shopping, tgk tempat orang. Have to put some money aside for this now. Oh lupe pulak, I am not earning yet haha.

Muhaimin, in your second last comment u wrote 'ne'? What's that? A japanese word?

mynn said...

my god naja, i thought living with Naz, you'd know at least basic japanese words! shame on you.

(but your korean is very2222 good, entah macamana you learn)

ne is japanese for "kan?"

i also wish i'm like them when i'm older - have time, money and energy to travel from place to place taking travel photos.............

one place i definitely have to go (after haji) - Japan.

Naja said...

The reason I asked you is 'ne' means yes in Korean!! That's why when I saw the word, I was a bit shocked haha. Mane la tahu you know Korean too apart from Japanese ;) 'Ye' also means yes in Korean.

Naz taught me some Japanese words but I didn't remember most of them. Oh wait I remember this, ittarekimasu (is that how you spell it?) She always say that before we start eating or after. Can't really remember.

Korean vs Japanese, I'm still rooting for Korea :D

Like you, one place i definitely have to go (after haji) - Korea.

OK said...


Naja said...

heh thanks ok