Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's a waiting game

(Im)patiently waiting for the 400D to arrive. The anticipation is killing me.


OK said...

Hmm in other words they don't have the camera in stock.. Hmmm funny that, I thought Canon are usually very reliable when it comes to the product. Nikon on the other hand announces a new product but it will take months to filter out to the market...

Ikelah said...

yea... conon is supposed to be reliable. never mind, it is just a test to see how patience you are in this syaaban menjelang ramadhan. just shoot with what you have to release the tension.

just wondering, which is more of a killer??? the killing wait for 400d or the akad? dont answer, you will not be truthful here. ;)

as for the black and white, the 4 guys at the lake is better than the original but not the castle.

to my opinion, you need something that will enhance the shape and tone of the subjest if it is to be in black and white and reduce the unnecessary details that will mask the main focus. bridges and buildings at certain angle will give stunning shapes if shot in black and white as the focus is shape. face of a person for instance, the focus will be the tones. it will take away the ugliness of what a coloured face will give. moreover you do not need the colour to tell your story.

entahlah, ini pandangan berdasarkan cita rasa bukan pro or those from photography school.

sekali lagi, turut bersimpati dengan penungguan 400d. ;)

hiyoshi said...

Try shooting pictures of mama sarah to while away the time. Hah!

dyanna said...

Make a countdown calendar... and put a big X to cross out the days gone by... (berapa hari dah ?)

mynn said...

O-K & ikelah
what you said is true: canon are reportedly very good at delivering goods to retailers. I don't think it's canon's fault. because places like, dixons and are already selling the camera.

Oh well, time is money ... at least it's cheaper than the other websites. I've always bought my dvds and games from and so far they're very reliable, and prices are very cheap. so i'm sure they'll send the camera once it's available.

rest assured i'll be posting pictures of the unboxing like crazy once the camera arrives.

of course lah akad lagi "killer" ... hehehe (whether i'm truthful or not is for you to decide). Also thanks for your opinion on the black and white photo. i agree with you regarding the second picture, and i also didnt think it was very good ......... ESPECIALLY compared to all the other photos posted by the borakphoto members -- buat malu je! (haha) ... oh well, it's a learning experience...

PMS is a very elusive creature. in her natural habitat ( she could only be seen behind obstacles or in reflections... i need either a long telephoto, or one of those xray lenses ... urm, to view mama sarah only of course.

diorang promise 15/9/2006 keluar da... 3 days overdue :T dah ler unspecified bila sampai. likewise, uncle de ordered his new samsung CRT High Definition TV from - and got the TV after a month (if not more) of waiting! (albeit the price being very cheap).

mynn said...

ps ikelah
how's your post processing skills developing? there are really HUNDREDS of tutorials and books out there on the internet especially if you're using photoshop CS2.

having said that, using photoshop and GIMP too much is like cheating kan? no need to wait for sunset -- just cut and paste -- that's removing all the skill and thrill i suppose.

hiyoshi said...


Sounds like a very elusive species indeed.

OK said...

Maybe the demand is exceeding the supply.. catching canon off guard. Now is the right time to move from prosumer cameras (yuck) to DSLRS (yay).

So when the Rebel XTi aka 400D came out people are flocking bro (sorry the influence of the Jumaa video).

Any way, I am also impatient to see the first photos that are coming out from the 400D. Sweet.