Monday, September 25, 2006

I can't sleep

Hopefully today!


Ikelah said...

hahaha....i think masa nak kawin you taklah teruja(excited) dan gelabah seperti sekarang.

selamat menunggu, semoga buah jatuh molek keriba hari ini.

pycnogenol said...

Mynn, the way you are tracking the movement of the parcel, has put the US to shame in the way that they are trackking down Osama bin Laden.

OK said...

US tak pakai parcel force... they us US Mail.. hahaha

Ikelah said...

we are waiting too.... kesian mama sarah, rasanya masa nak nikah mynn tidur nyenyak... ini al kamera punye pasal, lepas oncall pun masih tak boleh tidur.

lepas ini apa pula?

dyanna said...

Selamat menyambut kamera baru. Nnt kalau dah sampai MS main dulu ke? or you'll just dash out of the hospital to get home? :D

moby said...

Wah ... tunggu camera sampai tak tido? Hehe! Must be really, really, really anxious to get your hands on it. :D

kenakelayan said...

Dah sampai? :D

mynn said...

hehehe, haah nak tunggu kahwin pun tak teruja macam ni.

the US should get parcelforce to deliver osama to them. next day priority delivery!

nauzubillah lah. lepas ni i hope tak teruja nak beli apa2 lagi .....!

haha, thanks. saya tak kerja lah hari ni dyanna, sbb lepas oncall :) boleh main camera puas2222 :)

sampai tak tidur! imagine that!! i really was very giddy with excitement for the new toy

hehehe :) sila tengok entry seterusnya.

i felt like my readers have also gone through the experience all the way from getting the itch, to doing research, to buying, to waiting, to getting the camera. sorry to involve you guys in the process! but i hope to some of you it's reminded you guys of the time you first bought your DSLRs too.