Friday, September 15, 2006

Alone with two kids

Another week of nights oncall completed successfully. It was quite a memorable set of nights, especially as it began with yours truly getting his itchy hands on new hardware. However, it has been a long week of nights, especially without being able to see the family. Above is a picture of the night team at our last breakfast (taken with my mobile, substantially GIMPed). I look enthusiastic finishing that cup of strong coffee as I had a long drive back home ahead of me.

Today, Puan Mama Sarah had an errand in London, leaving yours truly alone with the two kids. For the first time alone, I took them both in the car to Swanswell Park:

The park managed to keep the two little ones occupied for quite a few hours, much to my relief. Both were extremely well behaved, although Amar was quite missing his mum towards the end. I had many more pictures to share (all taken with my mobile, again) but this *bleep* blogger beta has gone all screwy on me. Oh well.

Time to put them both to sleep.


dr in the house said...


Just curious. Since your place of work is few hrs away, if you're on night calls for a week, does it mean you'll be away for a whole week too?
And if you're not on night calls, do you go back home or not?

~from the mind of a very curious cat!~

mynn said...

always the curious one dith :)

previously, i used to stay at the hospital and come back only on weekends and wednesdays.

since this month, everytime I'm oncall nights I rent a room for a week over there, other days I travel back & forth.

that's why if i'm oncall, PMS and I basically communicate via our blogs :) how are you dith, buat apa weekend ni?

Naja said...

Who took the first picture? You were in that picture right? You buli sister ke hehe

Love the second picture. Where do you learn about GIMP? I tried 'GIMPing' several times from the tutorial but I found it very, very complicated.

mynn said...

i set my mobile on self timer. kawan2 i bengkek je i ambik gambar diorang pagi2 after one whole night oncall ... hehehe

kawan2 i kat hospital baca this blog ... diorang siap tanya lagi sapa uncle de? sapa auntie de?

pasal gimp naja, kalau mampu guna lah adobe photoshop cs2. far more powerful and easy and plenty of plugins and features to be found compare dengan gimp. forget gimp...

:) i pun found gimp susah masa baru start. tutorials could be found on my side bar under "favourite links". i suggest investing time in learning photoshop rather than GIMP. semua kerja2 gimp i tu hasil 4-5 bulan study! tip: start from basics, learn the easy tutorials and gain experience by photomanipulating your shots ...

ps -- having said all that - bukannya i pandai sangat pun!!

auntie de said...

waaaahhh.. i pun baru habis zombie shift ni. genuinely felt like a zombie on the last day. orang peri arrest macam mana pun muka stone aje, hehehe..

mmm... amar looks about the same size as sarah in the last picture. or was this picture gimped, i.e. sarah's picture superimposed on the frame?

mynn said...

oncall lagi ke auntie de, banyak nya oncall.

regarding amar in the picture -- nope, picture of amar and sarah was not superimposed or GIMPed. I guess Amar has grown alot since we last him. I say "we" because even I was surprised to see him after oncalls.

izhal said...

hahaha dapat new hardware sure malas nak kerja nee heheh...

yes i do have a photoblog... its at

however, the quality of the pictures are somewhat low because i only use a 1.3MP mobile phone for that site... but feel free to comment, positively or negatively... all is taken positively :)

mynn said...

i'm quite familiar with your MUPA fotopages site ;) it's really impressive. i've been telling PMS how hard it is to believe some of the pictures there were taken only by a 1.3 MP mobile ...! especially pictures of the beautiful skies.... amazing.

i use to do the same thing as you: posting pictures from my mobile :) i still do, for example the picture in the post above. mobiles are excellent - always handy.

mynn said...

and what i meant was: where's your photos taken with your canon, nak tengok lah :)