Sunday, September 03, 2006

Creative Sarah

It was our first quiet weekend in a while, and we chose just to stay at home to relax. Our ever active Sarah became extremely bored, and it was difficult to find an activity to occupy her. A trip to the toy shop later ...

We found something for her to do! I bought this set of small "beads" and showed her how to make a necklace for herself.

After a while, she wanted to have a go! I blunted the needle by stabbing it into a hard surface several hundred times, and closeeeeeeeeely supervised her work. Amar was not allowed to come near.

I was extremely surprised, but Sarah was extremely adept and dexterous sewing the beads together.

I was mesmerised watching her at work. For once, she was totally occupied and gave the job her (almost) full concentration. She threaded the beads like a pro.

This is the finished product. All I did was thread the needle and tie the ends.

It's wearable too. Sarah was so excited that she got to wear something she made all by herself.

She proudly wore her armband showing off to her mum and then to the next door neighbour. (She was shy at first)

I was absolutely amazed how a three year old could learn to do something that appears so complex so quickly. Humans are amazing creatures.

No child were hurt in the making of this post. Yup, she didn't even prick her finger once!


nnydd said...

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Secondly, really urging people to have a look at A lot of free access between 7-10th, and especially the Sat 9th.

For England look at the directory here:

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dr in the house said...

Salams Mynn and Nisak,

Dial -up is frustratingly exhausting! This is my third time commenting for this entry!

I was saying: I remember Nisak's entry on how she taught Sarah to make cookies and that she ate it in the end. Now you have lovingly taught her to thread beads and she wore it too! Insyallah she'll grow into a fine lady who sews and cooks well!

hiyoshi said...

I really am amazed to see how children these days have grown up to be so smart so fast. When I was three, the only thing that I remember doing was making some hot milo. And eventually scalding myself in the process :(

Oh wait. I was four at that time.

Anonymous said...

masyaAllah...bagusnya Saghah (n parents Saghah)...lepas ni agaknya dah bole PMS n Mynn ajar dia berselawat dan kira guna the beads pulak ye...:-) bertambah2 MasyaAllah dia nanti, and berganda2 sejuk perut PMS..tabarakallah

anne said...

kids never cease to amaze us parents, kan? and she looks so absorbed. Love her & her cute pink jumper outfit. hmm i wonder when nunu can wear hers. Nak pi genting pun tak jadi2 lagi ni!

btw, the banner? absolutely love it! it's a keeper!

OK said...

After this, muhaimin beli lego.. esdar sedar petangnya jadi ferarri.. hahaha...

ayumi said...


Wow, is she an expert or what? Hehe.. What's next?? Teaching her to draw anime?

Mama Sarah said...

bby, 'SIM inactive'.

kena call to reactivate?

pycnogenol said...

I bet the moment Sarah can recognise all her alphabets, she'll start to blog too....;)

P/S: Dont be surprise Mynn if she steals ALL your blogger-friends away.

dyanna said...

Khusyuk nya sarah!

mynn said...

thanks for the tip on heritage open days. alamak, ingatkan nak rehat ...! tapi kalau dah terlajak ke london boleh try cari KKL :)

waalaikum salam.our sincerest thoughts to dith & family who has to endure broadband (alamak, dah lah ive spammed the blog with lots of huge pictures -- sorry dialup users).

when i was small, i used to imitate my father too - i remember using the saw, nail & hammer!

i think sarah was quite uncomfortable wearing the turtle neck pink jumper - even though it's no longer summer, it's still quite warm most days.

re: the banner thanks! the banner didnt turn out exactly like i wanted: i wanted to make "scratch that itch" appear like water coming from the pool - but I'm not that good with GIMP yet;( oh, btw, need some help with making your banner of supernunu flying on a blue sky background? the moment you mentioned it, i've had flashes of ideas :D:D

kena bagi sarah jumpa pakcik nnydd & auntie FM selalu2 ni.

lama tak dengar from you. Sarah is quite good with practical/creative stuff, but i feel sarah and amar are both veeeeeeeeeeeeeery lacking in language skills;( i suppose they have not many people to talk to over here.

LOL. An example of a young blogger is -> she's only 10 but writes really well.

LOL. i hope whatever we teach her would be beneficial things: but drawing is definitely one of her current interests :)

yup, one of the rare moments when sarah could sit down, concentrate and do one thing at a time.

mynn said...

patutlah dith senyap je lately2 ni. i was really wondering.

but i absolutely do apologise to dial up users -- i know my page loads EXTREMELY slowly for you guys. if so, do leave comments saying the pages load too slowly -- i'll try to compress my images more, make it smaller & post slightly less pictures.

anne said...

mynn, would you?!!! I'd be delighted if someone can do tht for me. You jangan charge me doctor's rate pulak! In exchange I'll let Nunu date Amar when they're old enuff hehe

mynn said...

yup, i'd be more than happy to try and GIMP a banner for you - it would give me practice & i like trying new projects anyway.

however, it may take a while for me to complete the project (emphasise on "may") because tonight i'm starting 1 week of nights oncall.

anyway: you could email me pictures of supernunu (full body, & different2 poses) to i have a good collection of blue skies here so don't worry. and write also ideas on what you'd like in the banner :)

the rate will be ...

only joking about the rate.