Saturday, September 16, 2006

Borakphoto Assignment: Black and White

I've been a fan and thus following Borakphoto for a while now. Borakphoto is blog at organised by a group of people very enthusiastic about photography. Borakphoto is the place where the group displays choice works, links to other members and set assignments for the group to take part in (complete with due dates). The photos would then be critiqued by other members.

There are many reasons why I really like Borakphoto:
  1. Most of the members (if not all) are extremely creative and talented. EXTREMELY. Especially considering their age.
  2. Some members even use point-and-shoot i.e. you don't necessarily have to have expensive equiptment to get something out of Borakphoto.
  3. I really like the assignments. The assignments so far has been extremely varied: action figurines, "Merdeka", insects, and the current one is black & white photography.
  4. Some members even put up tips and links for further study suitable for the current assignment.
What I like about working on the assignment is that it really gets my rusty brain turning; trying to think of what to submit AND the assignment made me read up and do background research on the subject. The assignment this time is open to public, so if you're interested to submit your work! Above is mine (unfortunately I probably don't have anything better) .

This is my second effort:

  1. Sorry for my current photography fever ......
  2. I discovered Borakphoto through Izhal's blog :) Thanks Izhal!
  3. I am NOT putting a link to borakphoto here ... it's somewhere on this cluttered blog, try and find (or Google) it.
  4. I'm not putting a link to my Fotopage just yet ..................
  5. Top most photo was GIMPed from this one:

spot the difference ;)


kenakelayan said...

I think I like the original one better. The expansive view I think just adds to the picture, it made it more interesting for me... hehehe.

(Sorry ni pendapat pre-novice) :D

ps: am playing with my volito 2. I found that I misplaced my Office 2003 CD... oh nooo I want to turn handwriting recognition on...

dith said...


Wonder why eh? When there's color people still prefer black and white. I guess black and white pictures give the inane look of simplicity. That sometimes life is better off without the frills and such...

mynn said...

salams! so how was the lunch with PMS, huuu ... tak dapat join ;( I agree the expansive view does add a feeling of vastness, but in black and white i thought there was too much empty space -- so I removed it. also removed all the ducks as they were too disracting. I also added clouds to the sky (heh heh heh, alot you can do with gimp eh/photoshop eh?)

hope you're enjoying the volito2. the tutorial is good kan? post up your artworks!

:) before posting up the two images I did abit of reading at the local bookstore about black and white pictures. rupa2nya black and white pictures convey shapes and tones (among others) better than colour. also, it adds a romantic feeling to the picture. A good black and white picture has tones from full white to full black (which the first picture has but the second doesnt). whoops terbagi lecture pulak kat Dith, sorry ler...... :p

dr in the house said...


So if you wanna romantic feel to your new house paint it black and white!!

nnydd said...

itik hilang! uncle de sure wont be happy!

OK said...

Must see site.. hillarious

OK said...

Another good one!

mynn said...

oh my god O-K, i had a good laugh watching all the videos -- kelakar giler!!!!

nnydd said...

Syeikh Hamza Yusuf once said, 'To be outstanding you must stand out!'

Maybe Bill Gates attended his majlis.

izhal said...

fuish mynn, that black and white castle picture is great!!! the assignements in borak photo are quite interesting right??? im working on the black and white too but tak post2 lagi heheh... bz packing...

mynn said...

assignments on borak photo are definitely interesting: it makes you do research, think and try to improve from all the feedback and looking at other people's work.

bila balik malaysia? looking forward? you seem to be having lots of fun in hamamatsu.

alynnsaripuddin said...

hye mynn,
seriously love what u wrote here. well-explained ;)
welcome to fotopages by the way :)
it is great great great to see you soooo interested in Borakphoto and its concept.
keep on joining ya! and dont worry, we're all still learning as well :)
if you have any questions regarding Borakphoto or photography in general, feel free to post them at im sure many will be able to assist u ;)
take care.

hanis said...

Great that you are very into BorakPhoto.. :D Welcome to the gang!! ;)

mynn said...

alynn & hanis

i think i'm still far behind in skill compared to all of you guys on borakphoto but i am learning alot & getting inspiration from looking at everyone's photos. many tips for beginners too in the comments.

i hope to take part in more of the assignments so please dont hesitate to give me tips.