Saturday, September 02, 2006

Scotland: Edinburgh

In front of Edinburgh Castle
I've visited a lot of cities and towns around the UK; London, Cardiff, Manchester, Belfast, Dublin, Coventry, Dundee, St. Ives in Cornwall, Bristol etc2. Edinburgh, in my opinion, is by far the grandest. It's a pity I left visiting Edinburgh so late in my stay in the UK.

We were stunned by how vast Edinburgh is. With so many towers, monuments and historical buildings, I felt as if I was in the set for Lord of The Rings! Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself: The Old Royal High School looks what I imagine Minas Tirith to be, and the Walter Scott Memorial looks like one of the two towers in JRR Tolkien's classic (but boring) books.

There are so many historical monuments and places of interest in Edinburgh that it was impossible during our relatively short stay to visit all of them. What is not obvious from the pictures is Edinburgh has many hills and valleys and that all the buildings, monuments and bridges was scattered either high on top of a hill or low in a valley. A view from one of the hills was definitely spectacular as you could see almost all of the city centre. (It also made the walk extremely tiring: try walking uphill carrying a three year old child, or pushing a chair!)
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I'll echo what Puan Mama Sarah wrote in her blog: all of you guys who are staying or has been studying in Edinburgh/Scotland are very lucky, the place is amazing.

Dedicated to O-K, Pycno, Nnydd & FM.


pycnogenol said...

Those were the BEST years of my life. Happily married, with 2 kids (when I first arrived in Edinburgh) and blessed with another 2 (by the time we successfully finished with our studies) ;)

Despite all the trials and tribulations when we were there Mynn, I would not have changed a single thing.

Edinburgh is indeed amazing!!

mynn said...

Yup I agree, Edinburgh is amazing. You know what though pycno, in the past 10 years that I've stayed here what my mind would associate with scotland was: cold, hills, haggis, bag-pipes, loch ness, and no underwear underneath kilts.

I've never ever imagined Scotland (and especially Edinburgh) to be this grand and beautiful. Pity i left visiting Scotland right at the end.