Tuesday, September 26, 2006

400D : Further experimentations

Just to share with you guys some results of my experimentations today. The weather was beautiful today as I was getting back from work, and the first thing I asked PMS when I got home was, "want to go anywhere??". Unfortunately, the little one was cranky near his bedtime which didn't allow us to go out. Instead, I just grabbed my camera and together with Sarah we explored the neighbourhood. Here are a few sights from the 'hood:

Now that I have a DSLR I feel as if my senses for what kind of weather, light conditions, time of day and cloud formations have become ever so slightly more acute;p. I just love photographing the skies though.

Okay, I'm going on a tangent here and it is not my intent to start flame wars - I respect you all, I really do. But just in case you guys are wondering: have a read. (I was just curious to know the differences, that's all).


dith said...


You know what? To add spice to all these beautiful photo I feel compelled to invite our guest photo 'scrutinizers', namely:

1) Paul Moss
2) M Yamashita

Pycno, we'll have a field day eh?

kenakelayan said...

I think you have improved already. :D Feeling slightly overwhelmed instead of underwhlemed, yet?

kenakelayan said...

P/s: my fave pics are the 1st and the last. Don't ask me why. :) But well done!

pycnogenol said...

The 2nd pic looked like stairway to heaven...Ayah Pin would've loved this one.

And yes DITH, we're gonna have a field day alright!!!

Mr. Moss and Yamashita San, the floor is now yours... :)

dyanna said...

Fuyoo.... now with DSLR even the normal everyday things looks abnormal and interestng.

Pycno, Ayah Pin dah lari ke langit sampai sekarang dah tak jumpa2.. now they have another new leader..

Naja said...

I love the first pic and the rest too. But the details of the first pic was really wahhhh. Bestnye ade camera canggih ye.

Dyanna: mane hang tahu ade leader baru?

OK said...

Nice pictures.. btw... don't worry about the flame war.. as I mentioned before, if I had the money I would have bought both.. The good thing about competition is that it will force the prices down as well as make innovation faster... If there is no competition things will be stagnant.

Take for example proton.. 20 years in the market with litle competition due to the fact that the government protected them. What happened? The same engine for 20 years.. The only new engines are only coming out now, and even then are inadequate and behind its time. So I would love to see Sony, Pentax as well as the other guys come in and create more competition for Nikon and Canon.. that way they will be forced to doa few things

a) Drive prices down
b) Go to niche market product
c) Join to create supergiants..


Just my one cent.. BTW haus gilers.. I will be buying cincau and biji selasih today for berbuka.. yummy.. tambah air bandung, sarsi fuuuuh...


Dyanna said...

Naja: It was in the tabloid the other day.

OK said...

The new leader is an ex policeman.. of all things..

M.Yamashita said...

i was invited by some friends to visit and give some light comments on your photos. i hope you dont mind sharing opinions with me.

first of all, let me congratulate you on your new camera 400d, a wise decision indeed. i would just like to add that getting a kit lens is usually a mistake but if you are on a tight budget its an okey.

first picture
something is not right with the lighting. its dull with bluish tinge over the white petals. the color is not striking enough to make a viewer search for details as there is no details to be seen. The sharpness is also a question here. You manage to detached it by bluring it from the background but is not enough. It just dont stand out as a macro image should be.

i wont comment the others. let paul moss do the critics if he drops in.

Finally, it is just the beginning and you have a good camera which can boost your images. Good luck.

izhal said...

hello doc,
saw your unboxing entry!!! cool!!! get the 50mm f1.8 lens... a beauty for bokeh... its cheap down in malaysia, only RM280++... I got mine in japan for RM320++ chehhh...

3rd picture perghhhhh!!! two tones to the sky... early morning??? maghrib???

mynn said...

salams! how's malaysia?
wow, i knew a 50mm f1.8 lens is cheap, but i didnt realise it was just £50 cheap. wonderful :) good for portraits kan. I've been wondering.... what does "bokeh" mean? i've seen that word crop up here are there ... but still clueless to what it could possibly represent.

3rd picture -- maghrib, just around the corner of our house.

M. Yamashita
Many thanks for visiting the blog and giving pointers. really appreciate it. The first picture is not a true macro -- (a lens which i dont have ....... yet). It's the greatest of sins: a crop from a much larger picture. I didnt think the full picture was attractive enough hence the cropping.
(dah lah the picture was taken hand held)

i have been having trouble with the autofocus getting SHARP images -- with most of my pictures. i wonder if you have any tips? i think i'm holding the camera according to what i read on the internet ... and the shutter speeds are fast enough (i think)

thirdly, thanks for the tip on the blue-white colour of the tips of the flower. you've reminded that to take a picture of something white - it has to be white, with no tinge of other colour.

how do we achieve such a thing?? white balancing? better metering?
hope that shows everyone how the eye of a "true" photographer is much more sensitive than our eyes - they could see much more than we could :)

darn it, sengaja nak buat kita terliur! i definitely agree with what you said re: competition. because of new competition from the sony alpha, here's one person hoping that in future canons they'll be image stabilisation right in the body :) (( and i bet nikon is going to come up with a mechanism for anti-dust as well, soon ))

dyanna & pycno
urm ... who's ayah Pin?

god, i put up the pictures just to show some experimentations with the new camera, tak expect people would be picking favourites amongst the pictures! if you guys look at the pictures some people are taking on Flickr, you'd realise how FAAAAAAAAAR behind we are...

i now see why O-K and Ikelah are soo enthusiastic about getting more and more people into the DSLR club - boleh tukar2 opinion and tips, everyone's methods differ. photography is very technical but so satisfying to learn to get right :)

Ikelah said...

for the sunset, the lights are great but the choice of structures for the silhouette is also important.

the spiral taken at sunset will be a better subject for sillhouette however the trees may interfere with the main structure. ;)

Yamashita's Fan said...

seriously... are you THE Mike Yamashita? The one who followed the trails of Zheng He and Marco Polo??? I went to one of your exhibitions about Zheng He at Midvalley some time ago. One word for all your pictures - Fuyooo!

Paul Moss said...

Well Yamashita...you have a fan. Thanks for the invitation for my comments. Not many people want to do that. However, since it`s fasting month, I`ll be good.
I agree with Yamashita on the first image. The light and so on. The cropping is however nicely done but the composition is rather empty. So overall it looks dull and not one that I`d spend money to print.
2nd image. Great subject but not the right moment to capture and I think it`d be more interesting if not taken as silluette. The right moment is when the colour of the sky creates a contrast with the subject. Try again when the sky is yellow or orange and see how it`ll look with the yellow hitting the spiral. It should be spectacular. Take out the red chimney and then the image will have a name: Winding road to heaven and I`d send it for prints and even for competetions.
3rd image. Interesting but I won`t send it to prints.
The other images? That`s the good thing about digital technology. You can easily delete them. You also don`t spend money to try new things.