Saturday, September 23, 2006


Putra Jaya Mosque, Malaysia (by no means my submission for borakphoto's latest challenge)

As of tomorrow, Muslims in the UK are starting the month of Ramadhan. Many of my non muslim friends at work are curious about Ramadhan and have been asking me what Ramadhan is all about. Well, Ramadhan is the month when we Muslims refrain from, among other things, eating and drinking from the time before sunrise (called Fajr, around 5am) to sunset (around 7pm). During this time we are nil-by-mouth and yup: not even fluids, or smoking cigarettes.

We fast simply because it is part of our faith to fast, and during this time we remind ourselves of the hardships of the poor and needy.

To all my friends: may we all have an excellent Ramadhan this year, full of ibadah and blessings. Amin.


hehehe ;)


OK said...

IF did not send the camera it would have been a really2 trying ramadhan then.. heheh

I am at home at the moment cleaning up my room.. though to be honest, cleaning is never fun alone.. it is so much better when done is a group..

raggedyanne said...

huhu all the doctor has been talking about is photography & gadgets. Member yg kehilangan camera ni semakin bersedih la nampaknya...

btw, a hi-speed memory card doesn't make much difference. Trust me.

OK said...

What a way to start Ramadhan. Over here it is raining like cats and dogs.. The cold is good for the thirst but the hunger... hmmm..

Also for people who dont cook at home, the rain is really going to spoil the appetite..

Luckily I have stocked myself with enough maggi to last a week... hehehe

dr in the house or tabibah fi al bait (given by Hiyoshi) said...


Sempat lagi tu! Yay!

Ok- Hujan? But its hot and dry here!

pycnogenol said...

Meriah Ramadhan dan Syawal kita kali ni ye Mynn? ;)

Play it again Sam...(oops Mynn).... ;)

alynnsaripuddin said...

:) just would like to wish you salam ramadhan.

mynn yg oncall said...

last i checked the camera is already in the coventry depot and it said at 0340 in the morning that the package is "awaiting delivery".

i was hoping to get the camera today, tapi according to PMS tak de pun lagi......... maybe monday kot...

haha - chatted with anne on yahoo this morning. it was fun.

guys, if you guys have yahoo/msn/gmail or whatever internet messaging account, do inform me -- i'll add you guys to my account. as for me, if you want to have a chat my names are: (gmail)
a_mynn (yahoo)
nisakzin (yahoo <-- PMS' account)
mynn_ (hotmail)
and noorazharmuhaimin (hotmail)

don't ask why i have so many! :):) but you guys are more than welcome to tegur me anytime...

i'm so tired today man ...... first day of puasa lah katakan. pagi tadi my friends ajak minum teh ... i dah "come on let's go!" dah ... halfway i remembered we were fasting!!! (un)fortunately i remembered i was fasting. haha

hahaha, i thought my statement up there was so ironic. one sentence said "remember sufferings of the poor and needy"

then a picture of an expensive camera. teruk betul!

hehehe, meriah sangat. tambah lagi meriah soon :)

play it again Sam... <-- what does that mean? *blur*

salam ramadhan to you too (ps - note gambar tu not my contribution to borakphoto yet, okay?!)

nnydd said...

'whenever you see me online, brothers, hit me up on your space', eh?

Ikelah said...

so the new baby is on hte way... it will be a loooong 24 hours wait....(sini dah sunday). today boleh belek beg, belek memory card etc and i sense the impatient restless wait.

selamat menyambut ramadhan dan berpuasa. semoga puasa pada tahun ini membuahkan hasil yang lebih lumayan dari tahun tahun yang lalu.

OK said...

Baby?? Isteri ler.... hehehe

Hit me up on my space brothers. Kat sini first day of Ramadhan.. feel really2 happy. Hmm I still need to talk to my boss about extended leave... heheh..

Also need to start burning DVDs and finish cleaning up the room. Only 30% done.. mak ai..

Selamat berbuka guys!

moby said...

At the risk of sounding like a desperate teenage blogger seeking attention - "Add me, add me!! I'm at" :D

pycnogenol said...

Humphrey Bogart,
Ingrid Bergman,

That rings a bell Mynn? it again Sam...(or Mynn..)

See here:

mynn said...

LOL "hit me up at myspace brothers"

not long now i hope. tomorrow, i hope! argh!

thanks! i'll add you to msn messenger

kenapa video tu takde colour? (hehehe, only joking pycno)

Naja said...

Muhaimin, about your reply to pycno's comment:

hehehe, meriah sangat. tambah lagi meriah soon :)"

are u referring to the camera or is there any good news u want to share with us? ;) (mama sarah will kill me)

KKL said...

:D Most of London start puasa hari Sabtu. Every year beginilah jadinya.

I blame Saudi.

hiyoshi said...

The "Let's go have some tea" incident reminded me of my younger brother just now.

He was playing in the kitchen when suddenly, he goes and open the refridgerator door and nonchalantly pours himself a drink. When asked "Buat apa tu?", only then he wakes up from his daydream :)

alynnsaripuddin said...

haha no worries, i noticed the caption 'by no means my submission for bp...' :D :-" hehe.

mynn said...

what a cheeky remark! no lah naja, no "good news" whatever that means :D really like reading your blog btw, and keep the korean drama & movie reviews coming!

like you said, most of us puasa sabtu, but some of my friends here are fasting on sunday. PMS kata, our neighbour punya family kan: one parent and some of their kids would raya on one day, and then the other parent and other kids would raya on another day ... that's really extreme isnt it?

once at high school our cikgu ajak o-k and yours truly makan ... kitorang pun makan lah. after finishing all the food, baru teringat yang kitorang tengah puasa sunat! :) rezeki.

if only i forgot masa diorang ajak "journal club" (<- our code for tea/coffee break) semalam kan best:D

thanks! just in case you're wondering what the "brothers, hit me on myspace" my other readers are talking about, it's actually a joke in the funny Jumaah video in a post i posted a few days ago.

pycnogenol said...

Mynn, kami ni bloggers yang dah tua-tua ni, memang kebanyakan nya 'black and white'....Tunggu sedikit masa lagi, yang 'black' pun hilang, tinggal yang 'white' aje.... ;)

Lain lah kalau tengok pada setengah-setengah Mak Datin tu, the years may roll, but the colours remain..or shall I say, colours added!! ;)

pycnogenol said...

BTW, posmen tiba pukul berapa hari ini?

ezdy said...

Your idea about '...finger pointing at the word "ramadhan" in the quran' is terrific! I'd say go for it!
Salam Ramadhan and take care :)

raggedyanne said...

a'ah mynn, tergezut kingkong jgak i dat day. nice chat we had hor, terkejar2 ghasa. FYI i've added u.

moby, aik! i tot ajab's the attention seeking one :)

KKL said...

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa... and may your wait for the camera not be too long (but long enough so that you get the reward of patience)... heehehe.