Friday, November 24, 2006

Watashi no tanjoubi (My birthday)

24th November is my birthday. This year is kinda special, as it's the first birthday I've celebrated where I feel I'm part of a complete family (with Puan Mama Sarah, and the two little ones). Everything felt right in place today...

Anyway, while I was working today here is what Sarah and PMS were up to:

Sarah was sneakily baking a cake.

Chocolate ... Yum!

Signing the birthday card with crayons; lots of multi-coloured circles and lines.

PMS was busy preparing everything else - the various kinds of food (Ayam percik, tauhu sumbat, kuey tiaou [how to spell huh?] etc2222)

The birthday cake in it's final, ultimate form.

Sarah wanted to blow the candles too

Uncle De, Auntie De and family kindly came to join the party :)

Sarah enjoying the cake

For my birthday present, PMS generously got these: exactly what I want & need; running work shoes, without laces and black in colour. Exactly the kind of style I like. Comfortable to wear at work, semi-casual and perfect for running after cardiac arrests :D

Quite expensive too .... thanks Bie!

No doubt PMS and Amar were tired after the dust settled.

Thank you EVERYONE who wished me happy birthday, you've all made the day very special indeed. May Allah bless you all. Thank you for the kind wishes & the lovely thoughts. To O-K & KKL, hope you enjoyed the food on my behalf, it definitely seems like you guys did!

I had a great day both at work and at home. At work, we enjoyed an extended tea break, complete with various goodies & munchies - chocolates, biscuits, crisps ... even icecream (it's winter).

Excellent day, thank you everyone.


OK said...

Happy beddey man!

Looks like a great spread... yummy!

The chicken leg looks so juicy.

Wishing you a along and prosperous life.. che che macam orang Cina laks... hehe

KKL said...

Yum yum yum food looks fantastic! Kudos to Mama Sarah and her little helper...

Yerp we certainly did enjoy the food yesterday... I think we overdid it and ate on behalf o you and Mama Sarah...

pycnogenol said...

Mama Sarah sure understand and know her husband. The shoes are so you Mynn. But then again, you've been dropping hints dulu lagi,kan?

Question for Mama Sarah: If it was just you choosing a pair of shoes for your doctor husband, (and not taking into consideration ALL those hints from Mynn) wouldnt you have gone for that shining pair of black, soft-leather Bally shoes? ;)

hiyoshi said...

Congratulations on the new pair of shoes. They definitely look comfortable enough to run about in after cardiac arrests. 'Course, you wouldn't be doing much running after having a cardiac arrest now, would you?

I echo OK's wish: Wishing you a long and prosperous life.

dyanna said...

Happy besday to you!!
Wah MS, sedapnya makanan, kecur air liur melihatnya.

raggedyanne said...

fusheh, i can't keep my eyes off those huge drumsticks too! itu chicken or lamb?

happy belated burfday to u mynn. I'm guessing 29, if you're turning 30 i'm pretty sure it's gonna be a whole different entry altogether.

Kynne said...

Happy birthday Mynn! Walaupun satu hari lambat. Hehehe. :)

moby said...

Belated, but a very happy birthday nonetheless, Mynn!

Meat ... yummm .... oooohh, man!! Any left?? ;)

naja said...

Nice shoes. Nice cake. Nice food. Nice entry :)

alynnsaripuddin said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
super-delicious-looking food and super-cool-shoes :D

arep said...

Happy Birthday!!! alaaa..sori lerrr patut ada mkn mknnn ahh rugi nih!!

ahnali said...

hopefully its not too late to wish you otanjyoubi omedetou~!! ^o^/*
may allah bless you and your family always =)